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    Homebrew as barter item when our currency is worthless?

    Sorry to deep a thread to continue, but i do love that line from "robot Chicken" "Whos They, and what the hell is an aluminum falcon?"
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    What's with crickets and refridgerators??? mild rant

    My son has a leopard gecko. Box 'em up and send the bugs to me. The lizard will love them
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    Whats wrong with Joaquin Phoenix?

    I had heard that he gave up his acting for a music gig after the Johnny Cash Movie. I cant watch it at work, but it must suck.
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    Spray Insulation in tower?

    I had to duck tape mine together. The slit had enough to let the air out along the sides, and not to the tower. Works great.
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    Was anyone a lot better looking a few years ago?

    Gone gray to fast... even my pubes are gray at 40
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    Photographs of bad ideas:

    how dedicated is this guys? I heard that cats have barbs on the tip of the penis. He is a crazy man if he went that far
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    I won a hat at the rollerskating rink because I knew the song name and singer.
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    Would you live in a nursing home?

    medic for 15 years and you are right. It is sad to go in, see a new patient and over six months, watch that patient rot.
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    Michael Phelps likely to be banned from 2012 olympics

    think he's unlucky to get the pic posted with a bong???? here is a real unlucky S.O.B. | News | Plane crash leads to marijuana — Baton Rouge, LA Who cares!!!! smoke play win. The NFL has turned a Blind eye to all sorts of Drug use. Lance Armstrong, Love the guy, but he...
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    Mother of Pearl!!!!!!!!!

    :mad: So I had a plan... Super bowl weekend, keg will be carb'd, have some friend coming over for a BBQ tonight. I went straight to the second Job after the first and we ran out butts off so no sleep. Came home this AM and took a nap. Woke up and took care of some things that I needed to do...
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    :off:Night workers!!!! I hate my nights. This is my last one for four weeks. I get to bask in the sunshine, life with the living, have a normal life, have a normal bowel movement. Drink a beer at night with SWMBO, kick the soccer ball around with the kids, I hate my freaking nights, but yeah CL...
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    Baton Rouge Beer Fest

    Thanks for the heads up. I went and purchased mine today as well.
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    Warning Label fun....

    Gonna give it a try
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    The best part of home brewing for me is..

    Sharing. I gave a dedicated Bud Lite guy a stout, its cool to have some one say "Wow, this is good" even if he was lying :D When I bottle, it goes so much faster than the keg. I am always giving them away. Share the craft! Next for me would be the process. SWMBO will help me, we "schedule" a...
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    Can you make a pin lock a ball lock

    swear to God!!!!!!! I put 'Pin lock ball lock conversion" in search engine.:mad: it hates me Thanks If I get them, may look at selling them:rockin: