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    Instant fermentation?

    ok, so I've had this cranberry wine batch that has been in a stuck fermentation for over 6 weeks. I was trying out some new yeast that I picked up and I was having no luck. So I finally gave up and whipped out the trusty red star Premiere Cuvee Wine Yeast packet and poured a quarter of a pack...
  2. PCasey

    stuck fermentation

    Hi yall I have a cranberry batch that has been doing nothing for the past 5 weeks. I used Old Orchards Cranberry concentrate. This is my 3rd cranberry batch so I know it should be going strong by now. I've added in more yeast, nothing. I've added different yeast. Still nothing. I've...
  3. PCasey

    why drink the sample?

    I really enjoy drinking the samples, especially my cranberry wine. mmmmmm.....
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    Visual signs its ready to be racked

    My current batch right now is in its 6th week of fermentation. With plenty of CO2 still being released. It only started to slow down in the past week that why I posted this thread.
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    Visual signs its ready to be racked

    no I realize that. Liquids are less dense when they are heated. How often should I check the gravity?
  6. PCasey

    Visual signs its ready to be racked

    I don't have a second carboy. They are all in use right now. I took a reading today the gravity is 1.030 I don't know what it was at the beginning because I took a reading when it was still boiling which was around 1.120 its been fermenting for five weeks now. I'm actually really happy...
  7. PCasey

    Visual signs its ready to be racked

    I did a search and all I seem to be getting is how to read a hydrometer. I know how to read one, I just have no idea what those numbers mean. How do I know what my final gravity will be?
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    Pomegranate Drank

    well, they do have Mike's hard pomegranate.
  9. PCasey

    Visual signs its ready to be racked

    you say that, but I have no idea what I'm looking at when I read the Hydrometer or what those numbers mean. I'm also paranoid about opening up my carboys and exposing it to the air.
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    Visual signs its ready to be racked

    Hi, I'm brewing some wine made from welche's concentrait. I'm not going to use a secondary and so my batch will go strait to bottling. I don't want to bottle it to early. What are the visual signs that I should look for in the wine that will tell me its time to bottle? Many people say if...
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    Ph too high-no calcium carbonate on hand

    I've decided the problem was that I didn't shake the carboy long enough to get oxygen in there. Its going slow now but starting to pick up.
  12. PCasey

    Ph too high-no calcium carbonate on hand

    Well thats the best advice I've seen all day. I am useing a brand new yeast that I have never used before. Hopefully it doesn't explode in a violent never ending fermentation like my current batch is doing. Its on week 5 of its primary fermentation and shows no sign of slowing down.
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    Ph too high-no calcium carbonate on hand

    Cranberries are tartness comes from their acidity. I don't have any pH papers on hand so I can not tell you the pH level. But fermentation is going REALLY REALLY slow. So slow that I fear a nasty bug might take over the vat and produce some off flavors before the yeast has time to reproduce...
  14. PCasey

    Ph too high-no calcium carbonate on hand

    Hi. I made some cranberry wine not knowing the PH was going to turn out too high for the yeast. I really don't want drive all the day to the brew store to pick up some calcium carbonate. Can I throw in some Tums? or any other anti-acid that you find in your medical cabinate? **** whoops...
  15. PCasey

    No fermentation

    Something is happening, There is foam at the top so at least I know something is going on. I guess cranberries take a while to get going.