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    Building first AG System Specs Needs Review

    I am building my first all grain system or more like putting one together. I started a list of everything I believe I will need and each items cost. I want to make sure I have the system mapped out before I make any purchases. I am going with a gravity fed system with a Blichman Top Tier with a...
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    Need New All Grain System, Have $2500 Budget

    This is huge help! Thanks everyone! I would like to be able to brew 10G and 5g batches. I am looking at the Blichmann Top Tier Modular Brewing Stand, I like this because I can customize what I need and add on later. Does anyone have experience using a Top Tier and what else I need? I am...
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    Need New All Grain System, Have $2500 Budget

    Hey guys! So Hurricane Sandy hit me pretty hard last week. I lost all of my brewing equipment that was in my basement which completely flooded. The only thing that I saved was a plate chiller and a 5 gallon glass carboy that happened to be on my first floor. I started out brewing extract and...
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    First Cage and Cork - Cork to tight to remove

    measure it i will when i get home! it fit the cage good though from what i remember, but i will definitely measure
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    First Cage and Cork - Cork to tight to remove

    Carb level was high, if anything i thought i carbed too much. Only thing i noticed compared to other cage and corks that i have had is the the cork was very dry. I feel like most corks that i have removed from Belgium bottles are a little wet of damp and slid out of the bottles. Maybe over time...
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    First Cage and Cork - Cork to tight to remove

    First cage and cork, did a Belgium strong ale, bottle conditioned for about 8 weeks and when i tried my first bottle i couldn't get the cork out. I ended up having to use a combination of a wine opener, hand towel and two arms two legs to pop the cork out. I thought i did everything right, cork...
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    Quick Bottle Conditioning Temperature

    I bottled two cases of a Belgium dark ale as well as two cases of an barley wine beer about 3 weeks ago and placed in my basement. my basement is holding at about 56 Fahrenheit. From what I can tell by moving the bottles around and holding up to the light there does not seem too be much...
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    What a surprise...

    i did the same kit in the winter, i too had a lower og by a bit. long story short, drinking one now and they are great! if you are only .04 off the target og you are ok. Let me know how it turns out!
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    What Brewery Should I Visit? Irvine, CA

    So I will be flying out tomorrow morning to Irvine, CA from Philadelphia. I will be staying in Irvine for 8 night and while I am out there I need to get my beer fix! So...Any Suggestions? All I got so far is that Stone brewing is 60 miles South of Irvine. Maybe if I get the time. Anything...
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    Bottle conditioning - ZERO carbonation - suspect infection?

    I have had a Belgium Tripel IPA take up to 4 months to carbonate. Even still after 5 months, every 4th or 5th beer is flat while the other are perfect! Lesson I learned.. Use a starter to promote healthier yeast at bottle time! Also, some other advice, let these sit and start brewing...
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    Priming Solution at Bottom of Bucket?

    I have never had bottles explode, blow off tops before after about 20+ batches. I also never used 1lb at bottling as priming sugar. I think we all underestimate how tight and secure a properly positioned bottle cap is. Even if you end up with more internal pressure than normal, chances are you...
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    What do I call it???What kind of beer style would this be

    Can you let us know how it turns out! I am curious to hear!
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    Can you leave in Primary too long?

    This is great advice! I feel confident that another week won't hurt! Thanks! This raises another questions. This past batch of beer was my 7th brew, really all my past beers have turned out pretty good. For the most part I followed the directions that came with the kits. I believe all of them...
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    Can you leave in Primary too long?

    I have an imperial stout that has been in the primary for 13 days today, 7/18/2010 and needs to go into a secondary. only problem is my secondary is only a 5g and I had an 6g yield, so in order not to wast i just ordered a 6g glass carboy should ship tomorrow. Am I ok to wait a few extra...
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    Is it still good to drink?

    that's good feedback! It's a swing top! I will let you know how it works out! I will try to get some pictures together! Thank you!