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  1. Paulielow

    Blueberry wine question

    I sweetened mine with pure blackcurrant juice... Worth trying.
  2. Paulielow

    whats floating on my apfelwein

    Ok thanks guys ill take both of your advice and rack it onto some campdem cheers.
  3. Paulielow

    whats floating on my apfelwein

    Ok I'll try again
  4. Paulielow

    whats floating on my apfelwein

    Sorry its been ages since I've been online and I've forgotten how to load an image from phone
  5. Paulielow

    whats floating on my apfelwein

    I made some apfelwein a while back and when I bottled it up I made up a 5L batch of spiced apfelwein using bayleaves, peppercorns, coriander seeds, cinnamon quill and cloves. I think the floating white bits are the coriander seeds but I'm not sure, also im not sure what the oily residue on the...
  6. Paulielow

    imperial chrisrmas stout

    I ended up puting 1kg of brown sugar in my last stout and its still got a really full on molassesy flavour that I'd like to avoid in this brew... And I've done my first boil now ill be stepping up to steeping next so I'll probably use some choc malt and some fuggles at 60min, 30min and 5min
  7. Paulielow

    Books. Whats the best one you have read lately?

    Ok I didn't even know they had made a sitcom out of it but I'm sure it would be a fictional series of events based on the non fictional book, so I'd read the book first before I let the show bastardise my idea of what the book should be like.... That being said I've read the book four times and...
  8. Paulielow

    Best Movie Ever Made

    Can't believe I forgot about waiting.... One of the funniest movies ever.
  9. Paulielow

    Best Movie Ever Made

    Can't believe I forgot snout waiting.... One of the funniest movies ever.
  10. Paulielow

    Champagne Yeast for Beer?

    That's a good question why don't you post me some and i'll do some test batches and let you know. :D
  11. Paulielow

    Here's to Big Mistakes

    Patience is a virtue mate... Or some **** like that, anyway my first stout was only 6.2% and its still not ready after six month in the bottle an RIS is probably gonna take atleast that long to come good IMO. Any one more experienced with RIS's wanna reassure the posty...
  12. Paulielow

    Apfelwein Preferences

    Did my first batch to original recipe but using SN9 which has cleared well but smells boozy and for my second batch I've added a small amount of tannins, acid blend, nutrient salts and left out the extra sugar and I'm using t-58 Belgian ale yeast as an experiment.
  13. Paulielow

    kolsch but not quite...

    Yer I know it won't be an actual kolsch I'm just looking for that nice clean, clear and light style. The hops were my main concern so that takes a load off, what do you think of the yeast selection I've been told that although t-58 could work it might be too peppery....