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    Stalled fermentation, increased temp, repitch?

    Oh wow... you got me thinking. I'm using a refractometer.... And yep I didn't convert. I'm an idiot. I'm actually a tad low at 1.008. Don't know why it went up though... Maybe pellet pieces from dry hopping.... Sorry its been a year since I brewed last and I forgot sooooo much. Thank you!
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    Stalled fermentation, increased temp, repitch?

    I'm at 3.5 weeks on a pale, OG 1.050, I got down to 1.018 at the three week mark which concerned me, now a few days later I'm creeping up to 1.021. I am using S05 and fermenting at 65F. I just increased the temp up to 68 and I'm going to monitor it for a few days. What are the opinions of...
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    The Brew Stand Incredible Giveaway

    Wow, another awesome giveaway!! Thank you, I'm in!
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    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    Wow, holy loot batman! I'm in and thanks!!
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    Yeast Royalities

    That was along the lines I was thinking, like Pac Man or Greenbelt. I know certain stores have special yeasts from Wyeast and there was R&D associated with it. Hey! It was just a crazy thought that went through my head. Thanks for the answers.
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    Yeast Royalities

    When yeast is used for brewing and eventually sold, are royalties required to be paid? And if so, who would you pay them to?
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    Temperature controllers

    Functional Difference? Nope. I have two digital and one analog, and I love the digitals much better. The temp control was a lot "tighter" on the digitals, I can set the range of when it will turn on and off within one degree. My newest digital is also a dual stage. My analog was actually...
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    Proper installation of a Temperature controller

    I would assume not. I use a small heater in the winter and use the heating mode. Obviously, when the temp drop below limit, it turns my heater on. Some people people use bulbs instead, I use a heater with safety switch in case it falls over. There is even a dual stage controller that will run...
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    wilserbrewer BIAB Bags, Triple Play Value Combo

    Just wanted to add: pulled the dry hop bag out of the keg after I killed the keg. Worked perfectly, no floating hop flakes in my beer, and the bag rinsed right off leaving no hop green tint to the material. Looks brand new. Good stuff!!
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    wilserbrewer BIAB Bags, Triple Play Value Combo

    Having purchased several bags (hop bag and dry hop bag) I have to admit that this was the most horrible experience I have ever had. Dealing with Mike has been a nightmare!! He was a nightmare in an awesome way as he really busted his ass to fix my problem, he went above and beyond in taking care...
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    Dry Hop Socks (bags) available at wilserbrewer

    Thanks for the reply! Sorry if I came across the wrong way, it is why I hate internet msgs: I can never tell the tone! I'll measure out my kettle (20gal blichmann) and spank together an order. Thanks again!