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    Another Brewery Post!

    Very nice!
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    Show Your Electric Brew Day Pictures!

    A couple recent pics with some new additions.
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Red ale today
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    German Pils Tiber's Premium Pils (1st Place German style Pilsner)

    Took 1st place in category in KY state fair with wyeast pilsen yeast and I didn't use melanoiden malt. One of my favorite brews.
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    Festbier Oztoberfest (1st place with score of 43!)

    Mine on the right based on this recipe. Sam Adams on the left. I know it's not a clone was tasting each side by side.
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewed up a Brown ale. My buddy brewed an Amber.
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    German Pils Tiber's Premium Pils (1st Place German style Pilsner)

    Great simple recipe, my first step mash on electric system, used brulosophy lager method.
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    BCS462 fermentation control

    Finally got this set up using cat 5 cable and powertails to control freezers and space heaters. Seems to work great in my tests. Looking forward to fermenting my first brew. It was very simple using the existing data port on my panel and cat 5 cable running to the Bcs inside the panel and...
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    BCS462 fermentation control

    Thanks for the in for Jon! Based on what I read I need a way to connect the freezers/heaters to the control panel to switch on and off through relays. It sounds like folks have done this using the network port and cat5 cable but haven't seen any schematics or parts used to do this. Thanks...
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    BCS462 fermentation control

    I'm not using glycol, pumps or valves. Just freezers and desk space heaters to control temps inside the freezer. Just looking for a way to control the freezers/heaters through the bcs.
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    BCS462 fermentation control

    I have a 50A panel from ebrewsupply that has a BCS462 installed inside. I have 4 temp probes for fermentation open on the panel and I have two freezers that I would like to control. Can anyone share how they control fermentation freezers through your panel/BCS462 allowing cooling and heating...
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    eBrew Supply Panel

    Inside my ebrew supply 50amp bcs462 panel put together by Ryan.
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    Blichmann Boil Coil

    Inside a 20 gallon boilermaker
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    E brewery complete

    Sad part is I haven't brewed since last July so I don't have anything on tap, that will change quickly!
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    E brewery complete

    I wish I could had my sink set up like that but it didn't work out that way with the layout. Your comment bout wish you did 20's was something I thought through when building. I wanted to future proof as much as possible knowing that now I would be overwhelmed with learning bcs but I got the...