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    Gap on Grinder?

    Hey everyone! Wondering what gap most of you are running on your various crushers? I got my Jack Schmidling malt mill and want to be able to set the gap with a feeler guage to a pretty effecient gap. Thanks!
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    Schmidling Malt Mill

    Brewmoor Thats awesome! Would you mind hooking me up with how you motorized it? I saw the tutorial on his website and plan to try that. Do you do it that way?
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    Schmidling Malt Mill

    Hey Everyone, I am looking at getting the Schmidling Malt Mill with the gear drive option and the case hardened rollers to use in my brewshop when I get it open. With the mill, to get the gear drive option you can only get it with the model A which is only adjustable on one end. Can anyone...
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    Top hops

    Hey everyone, If you had to list your top 10-15 most commonly used hops what would they be? I am putting together an inventory list to open a homebrew shop and would like to try having 10-15 hops for the first round of inventory and then add more after that. Thanks guys and gals I appreciate it...
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    Fermentation Temperature for a Nut Brown

    I personally ferment my browns at about 60. Wort temp at 60 not ambient room temp so you are a couple of degrees below me. I always prefer to ferment anything besides a hefe a little on the cool side. You might try moving the fermenter to a little higher part of your basement or maybe get it off...
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    top 10 or (5) most used yeast

    Thanks guys. I am going to try to swing at least 10 liquids from both wyeast and also white labs and then the go to danstars and safeale/lagers. I will add more as I go each month but holy cow it takes a lot of cash to get a store up and running!!!
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    top 10 or (5) most used yeast

    Ok so if you were going to stock a homebrew shop and you were only going to carry 10 strains for your initial month, what would they be? Can you narrow it to 10 or do you need 15?
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    Which Mill for everyday use?

    That Schmidling Malt Mill looks like a beast!!! For about $215 you can get the Model A adjustable and put the gear drive on it. Looks fairly straight forward motorizing it and it has a lifetime warranty. That one goes to the toip of the list right now. I like that Barley micro but $925 seems a...
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    Which Mill for everyday use?

    Hey everyone, I am looking at putting together a small LHBS and am looking on information on mills. What mill would you guys suggest if you were in the market for a daily large volume use mill and why? Thanks ahead of time.
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    That right there ladies and gentlemen is one of the funniest things I have read in a long while!
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    When to plant around Kansas City

    Hey everyone, I am taking the plunge this year and ordered 3 rhizomes from northwesthops. I got a centennial, a cascade and a perle. When do you recommend planting? I was thinking about right around the first of april as most of the frosts should be done by then. Too early or late? Thank you!
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    Citrus Wheat Recipe Critique and Yeast Suggestion

    Have you drank this yet? I am curious what the result was?
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    Citrus from yeast??

    I just researched sour mash and acid malt. Thats pretty interesting. Im not 100% sure Ive had any sour beer before but I may try to add 5% acid malt and give that a whirl. Thanks for those ideas.
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    Citrus from yeast??

    No just flaked wheat and torrified wheat. Doesnt torrified wheat fall into the category of wheat malt? I know the brewery uses unmalted wheat but I have never used it. I did a little looking at all the yeasts characteristics that wyeast offers. Some of the belgians and also some of the other...
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    Citrus from yeast??

    Im not sure Yooper if I would say sour although a slight lemony like pucker and a hint of spice as the finish. Not overwhelming just there in the very end and very subtle. So maybe we are talking about the same thing. But I sure dont taste it in mine. My recipe was two row, torrified wheat, I...