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  1. paradoc

    Pliny the Elder recipe questions

    There are several approaches on when to add your first dry-hop addition. I generally "warm hop" the first addition, meaning I wait for fermentation to slow down after 3-5 days, then add the first dry hop addition the primary. Then after a week or so, I either rack it to secondary and do the...
  2. paradoc

    Pliny the Elder recipe questions

    I typically add it last 10 minutes (or so) of the boil. If you add it to start of the boil, it will decrease the utilization of the hops some, although with a hop-bomb like this not sure how much a difference it will really make. Just make sure to mix well... you don't want the sugar settling...
  3. paradoc

    Pliny the Elder recipe questions

    I do my first dry hop at the end of primary fermentation but before I rack to the kegs. I usually start this around day 4 when the vigorous fermentation slows down, then wait a week until the gravity stabilizes. I use pellet hops for this, because they settle nicely to the bottom of the...
  4. paradoc

    Cascade Dark Ale

    Yikes! You are correct. Mash temp should be 150-152. I typically batch sparge with 170 degree water, which is probably how 170 got in there. Fixed in original post now. Any other thoughts/suggestions on getting the dark color without creating a chocolate-stout-hop-bomb are welcome. The...
  5. paradoc

    Cascade Dark Ale

    Here is a recipe I came up with for a Cascade Dark Ale (Dark IPA). This is one of the best beers I've ever brewed. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Probably the most unusual feature was we elected to steep the darker grains at start of boil rather than put them in for the entire...
  6. paradoc

    Pliny the Elder recipe questions

    I've made this recipe about a dozen times now. I have played around with the hop schedule. Mostly I just stick with the original, but I do my first dry hop addition as primary fermentation is slowing down (about day 4-5, you don't have to wait for primary to completely stop). I rack to keg...
  7. paradoc

    Does gravity feed in Shirron plate chiller work?

    It works sporadically, but you need to be meticulous about keeping hops out of the Shirron. It clogs more easily than some other plate chillers. I haven't had a problem with hot or cold break clogging it, but if you don't bag your hops or use a hop stopper of some type, the Shirron WILL clog...
  8. paradoc

    shirron plate chiller vs. ebay plate chiller

    I've got a Shirron plate chiller, and about to buy a Duda Diesel one to replace it. Why? The Shirron has FAR fewer channels than either the therminator or the Duda Diesel one, so it plugs a lot more easily. I've got a friend with a therminator and he gets much better flow and less plugging...
  9. paradoc

    Stout Tanks and Kettles?

    I've got the 14.5g with thermowell and love it. Very high quality for price. Shipping is expensive, but more than makes up for it with low price in my opinion. I do wish it had taller legs with wheels. I believe he is offering both those options now, but not when I got mine.
  10. paradoc

    Conical Fermenter question

    My first batch is brewing in a 14.5 gallon conical from Stout Tanks and Kettles. Very pleased overall with the quality of the construction, shipping, price. I'll be ordering from them again!
  11. paradoc

    Forgot my mash hops -- when to add?

    Greetings, First day on my new brew rig. Lots of firsts today! One of which is forgot to put in my mash hops. When is the best time to add them to the boil? How much should I scale them by? Thanks!
  12. paradoc

    Mash Paddle Giveaway

    Oh yes please and thank you so very much!
  13. paradoc

    Counterflow chiller use?

    Depends what kind of hops. Pellet hops will go through a large diameter CFC just fine. But if you have a large enough pellet hop bill, or use whole hops, ANYTHING can plug. If it could plug a valve or tubing... it could plug the CFC. But CFC's are way less susceptible to plugging than a...
  14. paradoc

    Update On My Pliny Brew

    That isn't MY recipe... it is the actual recipe for Pliny supplied by Vinnie from Russian River. In terms of the IBU's... the various IBU formulas used in software like Beersmith are not accurate in high IBU beers (eg >100 IBU's). I think Vinnie talked about this in the Zymurgy article...
  15. paradoc

    Update On My Pliny Brew

    One other thing... Vinnie specified in the Zymurgy article that he usually blows CO2 into the bottom port of his conical fermenter every couple of days to stir up the hops and get better hop aroma. I don't have a conical yet, but I give my secondary a good swirl every day or two to stir the...