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    having trouble trying to figure out how to calculate volumes for carbonating?
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    black ipa

    i am still using extract, i would like to know more about mixing beer.
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    black ipa

    how do you get the color and does anyone have a good recipe for a black ipa?
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    pellet hops

    i was thinking of buying hops in bulk, since it looks like i would save money doing that. i was wondering if it was worth it depending on how long they last.
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    pellet hops

    i was wondering how long pellet hops would keep till they go bad?
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    Recipe - Magnum Citra IPA

    what extract would you use for a partial mash recipe?
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    English Brown Porter with Brett?

    can you throw out a recipe for extract with grain for me please....
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    robust porter.... need input

    how long in the primary fermentor and how long for bottle conditioning?
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    robust porter.... need input

    thanks for the input on the yeast, just bought the ingredients today going to brew it on Sunday.
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    robust porter.... need input

    light LME 8.6 lbs munich LME 1 lbs Crystal 40L 1 lb chocolate malt 350 0.75 lb black patent malt 525 0.5 lb hops kent goldings 60 min 1.75 oz fuggles 15 min 0.75 oz kent goldings 0 min 0.75 oz yeast wyeast 1056 american ale, white labs wlp 001, california ale. input...
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    American IPA Dogfish Head 60 Minute Clone (AG) & Extract

    i thought i followed the recipe for partial mash, changed the hops a little due to lhbs. the only thing i can think of is the temperature i brewed it at. Can you name some of the reasons my OG would be lower than normal?
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    single beer hops...

    looking for some good hops for a single hop beer, any ideas would be appreciated.
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    American IPA Dogfish Head 60 Minute Clone (AG) & Extract

    my OG came out to 1.029, any idea it was so far off from everyone elses?
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    Vanilla Baltic Porter

    do you happen to have a recipe for the baltic porter?
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    American IPA Dogfish Head 60 Minute Clone (AG) & Extract

    just brewed it today for the first time: changed the hops up a little due to the local homebrew store stock. 1 1/4 ounce galena, half bag at 60 minutes, 1 or 2 pellets till 35 minutes left. combined 1 ounce amarillo and 1 ounce citra in a bowl and put in 1 to 2 pellets till boil over...