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    Stinky better bottle dog did try to hide the bottle from me...she's a great dane, so it was easy for her :) I'll try oxyclean, no more bleach but I thought plastic was easy to clean, no odors or any type of residues. Don't want to use glass, there are horrible histories on glass carboys. has...
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    Stinky better bottle

    Hi Guys, 3 month ago I forgot to wash my better bottle (I know, I know...but pregnant wife and some other issues makes you forget almost everything). One month later, I saw the better bottle full of fungus and other gray stuff, so I put some bleach and I was going to rinse it but I was on call...
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    Sam Adams Summer Ale

    I know this is an old thread, but I would love to brew this recipe. Does anyone knows ferm times and aging for this recipe??
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    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Vanilla Caramel Cream Ale

    Is it liquid vanilla extract? like the one you found at the supermarket?
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    something that affects us ALL: shipping yeast and summer heat

    How long liquid yeast is supposed to live outside the fridge? Can it survive a 12 hour trip without an ice pack?
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    Caramel cream ale?

    Ok, please don't laugh but...what is Lactose and where can I get it?? Cheers :)
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    First kegerator

    Hi guys, I just purchased my first kegerator. It is used, so I need to replace the faucet (it's broken) and the beer line. I removed the faucet and I don't understand what parts I need to replace. I know that I need a new faucet, but I don't know what piece goes behind the faucet. The faucet...
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    BM's Centennial Blonde

    Did 5g of BM's Blonde last Saturday but with a twist, I added a little bit of lemmon zest. Resting on the primary right now, hope it turns out well.
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    Last Brew before Deployment

    No advice about beer. Thank you for what you do, come back safe!!
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    How many gallons of BierMuncher's Centennial Blonde have been brewed?

    8/9/08 annnnd +5 more (with a twist, lemmon zest ladies and gentleman)= 400
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    a question on the use of gelatin

    I was thinking on using some gelatin on my next batch. What kind of gelatin I should get and where? Any non-flavor commercial gelatin? Thanks Cheers
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    The benefits of gelatin

    Thanks guys, I want to make my beer more clear, so I'm planing to leave my HPA in the secondary for about 4 weeks at 35 degrees, I wasn't sure if gelatin is good for me. If I add gelatin and bottle, how long should I wait before putting a 12oz in te fridge? BierMuncher, I'll brewing your...
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    The benefits of gelatin

    Question: Can I use gelatin if I bottle my beer or just work only if you keg?
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    Delabeling + Bottling + Cleaning = 7 Hours

    Hey Guys, I haven't clean my bottles yet, I got some oxiclean versatile, don't know if is scented or not, smells like soap, but on the box it says: "carpets & linoleum, drains & disposals, sport equipment & toys, unfinished decks, fencing & siding, outdoor furniture & awning and much more..."...
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    Conditioning Temperature

    Thanks Riclark, I don't have too much space in my cooler, I hope I can bring the temperature down to 34 degrees with the iced bottles. I apologize for my ignorance, but I'm new in this, what is a Keezer?? Thanks again.