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    Sand Creek Hard Lemonade

    Skeeter Pee http://skeeterpee.com/?page_id=17 For a 5 gallon batch 3 bottles of 32 oz 100% lemon juice (e.g ReaLemon in the green plastic bottles or equivalent) 7 lbs sugar (or 16 cups) to ferment 3/4 tsp tannin 6 tsp. yeast nutrient (3 now, 3 later) 2 tsp. yeast energizer (1 now, 1 later)...
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    Did i infect my beer batch???

    Remember the first rule of homebrewing. "Relax, Don't worry, have a good commercially made micro brew until your homebrew is finished."
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    Anyone ever taste your wort?

    I taste my wort each and every brew session.
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    Any Mead makers here??

    I too have made Mead with Rasberry and have made cycer (sp?)... Let me know what your techneques are. Boil or not boil the honey?
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    Any Mead makers here??

    I was just wondering if there are any mead makers here. Having only made 7 batches myself since 1988 I am kind of interested any experiances any of you may have.
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    Spaten is brewed in Germany, it is a Dark sometimes Amber wheat beer that is brewed in Bavarian tradition.
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    What's used?

    In order to duplicate a Japanese beer you use as much as 40% rice solids. Where as American breweries use up to 10% rice solids in order the light texture of bud, coors and such. Using unto 40% rice solids in your beer would duplicate Japanese style. Hope this helps, Otis_The_Drunk
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    Coffee Grain Taste

    Do as Kevin Dennis suggest and you will lose that flavor in your beer. Only exception would be make the coffee very strong as the coffee flavor will decline over time with age. I would not put more than 10 cups per five gallons. A good stong coffe to put in the beer would be French Roast...