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    How to Triple Hop a Miller Lite Clone!

    No they are telling you exactly how many hops are in a BBL of their beer.
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    NorCal bulk grain buy pics!!!

    OK I'm confused, I thought there was going to be pics.
  3. Otis The Drunk

    How old are you?

    46 years old here
  4. Otis The Drunk

    Frozen carboys

    I have done that once and I started to notice tiny stress fractures forming on one of my carboys.
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    AS far as Hops, you'll need some really old. low alpha acid hops.... Willamette, Goldings, fuggle or Saaz will work.
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    You better get started soon then. What you'll need to do is a torbid mash. Traditional Torbid Mash: From Page 141 of Wild Brews by Jeff Sparrow Assume 2 quarts of water per pound of grain. (1.9 liters/450 grams) 1. Dough in Wheat, and add malt with 20% of the water to achieve 113° F...
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    It burns my nose!

    It Burns us!!!!!
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    Does anyone Twitter?

    Does anyone Twitter? Not while people are looking. :D
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    It's Saturday, who is brewing?!

    Not me, the ball valve on my mash tun froze and split and I can't afford another one until pay day. :(
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    Um guys- is this infected?!?!?

    Yeah I was setting there with Mad Scientist having a beer when he got the E-mail. I used some of my order the other day....
  11. Otis The Drunk

    Um guys- is this infected?!?!?

    I'm well aware.. How you doing Kilted Brewer? :tank: I'm planning on doing a Lambic in the near future.
  12. Otis The Drunk

    Um guys- is this infected?!?!?

    Can't really tell since left the flash on your camera. The glare is right where we need to see. But if it looks like it has a skin and not bubbles, I'd say it's safe to say you have an infection.
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    Spent Grain...Deer Bait??

    I usually feed my spent grain to my cousin's beefalo.
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    Help! please!

    Decojuicer, let me tell you that you won't regret it.... Although it takes about 6 - 8 months to mature.
  15. Otis The Drunk

    Help! please!

    Howdy Decojuicer.....