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    GlenChennai - Need feedback for peat smoked and oaked IIPA

    I made a peat smoked IIPA last year that I really liked. It was the top smoked beer at the NZ national homebrew competition . On the basis of that, a couple of comments: 1. Yes, peat smoked malt goes a long way. I used 500g in a 20L batch and while it didn't bury the hops the smoke was BIG in...
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    Rye Wine

    It had actually carbed fine... the issue with the bubbles, effervescence etc., was just that it was SO viscous that the ~2 volumes of CO2 it had didn't provide the same "sprightlyness" that they would in a normal beer. As I say, there isn't anything actually wrong with it. Indeed, it's a...
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    Rye Wine

    Just noticed this thread and thought I'd throw in my 2 cents about the Roggenwein I made last year: NZ Pilsner Malt (45%) Weyermann Rye Malt (45%) Baird's Dark Caramalt [90EBC] (5%) Baird's Dark Crystal [230EBC] (2.5%) Weyermann Melanoiden (2.5%) Mash Schedule: 30 mins @ 42.0C Beta...
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    Adding a single chile at bottling?

    I had a chance to try a couple of these during a recent trip to San Diego. The Serrano pale ale was good, but the Habanero Scotch ale was probably the beer of the trip for us... A good whack of heat, but tons of chili flavour as well. Both the heat and the flavour played really nicely with the...
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    steep Munich ??

    If you steep Munich as opposed to mashing (i.e. if you pay no attention to the temperature) you may well extract little flavour and pretty much no sugar. You may, however end up with unconverted starch in your wort, which would lead to a cloudy beer. If your steeping water happens to be at...
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    Chocolate Black Currant Wheat.

    Sounds pretty good to me. I made a black currant porter last year that turned out pretty tasty. No wheat, and easier on the crystal malts, but not entirely dissimilar to yours. I even used fuggles late, which parallels your willamette dry hopping. Hope it turns out well for you.
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    Looking for a Hoppy Wheat

    This recipe was the best in class pale hybrid beer at the NZ National Homebrew Competition last year: 20L batch 2kg Pilsner malt 2kg Weyermann Wheat 0.2kg Caramalt 0.1kg Caramunich 2 Mashed at 66C 60 minute boil 25g Sorachi Ace 10.9%AA @ 20 mins 25g Sorachi Ace 10.9%AA @ 5...
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    Looking for an IPA recipe with some "dank"

    I put in votes for Chinook and Nugget as well. I've made a couple of Chinook-heavy beers that have a nice dirty, hoppy flavour and aroma. I've never actually used Nugget, but the Green Flash Imperial IPA uses lots, and it's beautifully dank and hoppy. Fuggles do give a lovely earthy flavour and...
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    Smoke and Chile Advice Needed

    I recently made a peat smoked chilli porter as the small beer in a mini partigyle (with a peat smoked IIPA as the big beer, and the mash topped off with some black malt.) I used three dried cascabel chillis (5g ~0.2oz) in 5L (~1.25 gal.) Boiled them up with a little water into a tea, then...
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    First Brew, trying to put a recipe together

    You'll end up at roughly 4.5% ABV. Myself, I love the idea of using the T-58 and making a Belgian-y pale ale. But I reckon given that it's your first brew you're better off starting simple. Using US-05 with that recipe would give you a nice, simple, easy drinking APA, and that's probably your...
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    The GaP (Grocery and Produce) Beer Experiment

    This one has turned out pretty well. It's a pale orange colour. Was full of unpleasant chemically yeasty flavours when it was young. The spices were completely buried. Now, three months after brewing it's pretty tasty. Quite tart, but no real bitterness to speak of. A bit of bready-ness...
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    Using Cooper's brewing sugar for a yeast starter.... can I do that?!

    I'd tend towards no. The yeast will get in there, multiply and ferment. But it will select for yeast cells that are happier in pure, 100% fermentable sugar solutions, and might not be as comfortable in proper wort. I'd use malt extract and leave it at that.
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    The GaP (Grocery and Produce) Beer Experiment

    This has been one of my favourite threads on Homebrewtalk, and at long last I've finally gotten around to brewing my own GaP beer! I used kumara (New Zealand sweet potato) for converting my starches. As MacBruver notes above, it does supposedly contain beta amylase. I've found some sources...
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    How much gravity will pawpaws add?

    When I use fruit in beer, I usually just do searches for nutritional information. If you can find the amount of sugar by weight then use that value. If not, then the quantity of carbohydrate is nearly good. For most ripe fruit almost all of the carbohydrate will be fermentable sugars. I...
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    Earl Grey IPA (using tea vs. bergamot oil)

    I brewed an Earl Grey pale ale a while back. I brewed up 1L of strong Earl Grey tea (5 bags, steeped for about 5 mins) and added it to a half batch (10L) of pale ale. At first taste it was very difficult to taste the bergamot/tea flavours in the beer, and they only faded with age. I really...