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    Bye Bye Bottles...

    Buy a backup co2 bottle! You will always run out of gas at night or on a day when everything's closed.
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    Thinking about getting a water filter. What are you guys using/doing?

    I have a basic under-sink charcoal filter and it works great. The tap water here in Richmond VA leaves a lot to be desired (especially after being spoiled by my years in the Pacific Northwest) but with that cheap filter it's just fine now. My efficiency went up a bunch after installing it too...
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    Turkey fryer burner timer/interlock mod

    Bump! I can vouch for the twist the timer til it stops ticking technique. I couldn't get the cap off to save my life, I've had the burner for a year and it's kept outside. The cap was all but fused on, I'd have to cut it off. So I just twisted the timer til it broke and now it works like a...
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    Hardywood Park Gingerbread Stout help.

    Took a similar version for a spin yesterday. Upon tasting a sample of the wort I can report the spice mix is damn near spot on. It's maybe a little on the strong side but I suspect it will fade somewhat after fermentation. Only difference in mine is I used 1.5# of oats (accidentally bought that...
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    Going Pro

    I'm no stranger to a ton of work! I put in about 55 hrs a week as it is, I can't imagine I would need to put in much more than that! From what I've been reading the job is about 80% cleaning. @rainyday I need to update my profile, I live in Virginia now! Sorry man.
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    Going Pro

    HA HA! "That's not mold on your beer sir, That's 'Belgian Mist'. I thought a beer enthusiast such as yourself would know that!" Might work, who knows?
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    Going Pro

    Thanks guys, I have read that piece. Fortunately we're discussing a brand new business, not tacking on a brewery to our existing restaurant. We're starting completely from scratch.
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    Going Pro

    Thanks for the links and the encouragement guys! I really hope I can pull this thing off!
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    Going Pro

    I'm a chef by trade and today my boss sat me down and asked about the prospect of starting up a brew pub with me as his brewmaster! The thought of brewing beer for a living is a dream come true and I would love to pull the trigger on this project but as a chef, I'm very aware that cooking...
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    Has anyone seen this?! (yeast starter saga)

    His ramblings on building and fire codes are amazing. If you're going to be burning gas under tanks of grease all day you'll need to have a fire suppression system installed. Oh the humanity! You know when an earthquake hits in other countries you hear about thousands of deaths and millions of...
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    Making Pabst Blue Ribbon

    I get a laugh from people who constantly slag BMC type beers. Watery American beers don't taste bad, the problem is they don't taste like much of anything! They're very light on taste but it's not like they're completely disgusting. If someone hands me a PBR I'll drink it. Now fortified malt...
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    Has anyone seen this?! (yeast starter saga)

    I love the Coopers thread and his theories about how aging beer screws up the flavor. All because his Coopers kit tasted bad after 10-12 days. I make no claim of being the best brewer on Earth but I'm pretty sure 10 days doesn't qualify as "age". By the way, if you want to get completely...
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    Has anyone seen this?! (yeast starter saga)

    I love how, even though he admits to never speaking to any of them, he's sure that they're all from Spain (and not from the 23 other Spanish speaking countries in the world) and he suddenly becomes an expert on Spanish people! That's like assuming everyone you hear speaking English is from Great...
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    Ding-Bat Beer Mistakes

    Welcome to the (un)official beer mistake thread! Feel free to boast your silliest, most embarrassing mistakes here! I'll start: Last night I poured myself a nice pint of hefe. After a few minutes of happy sipping I heard the telltale sound of a blown keg coming from the keezer! Upon...
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    Has anyone seen this?! (yeast starter saga)

    Click Here! Here's his one review off tripadvisor, it's pretty amazing. He seems confused and upset that everyone speaks Spanish in the Spanish speaking country he visited. Then he adds a little bit at the end complaining about the Canadians there! It's hard to explain you just have to read it!