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    Haier 7.1 cu ft keezer dead...

    To clarify, no noise from compressor, compressor is VERY warm to touch. No cooling whatsoever inside freezer. I remember reading about the ASD feature somewhere, whether on these forums or just in the instruction booklet, however I guess I just didnt see a long enough timeframe.
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    Haier 7.1 cu ft keezer dead...

    No sound whatsoever coming from compressor, inside temp is essentially ambient 72 degrees. Johnson Controller, yes, ASD set to 2 min. Possibly the reason? Thanks for all the input.
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    Haier 7.1 cu ft keezer dead...

    After only 3 years of use, my 7.1 cu ft Haier has died. Anyone else have a similar issue? Debating whether or not I should buy another Haier. My gut tells me no I should not, however looking for info from other users. Thanks, opXus
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    Imperial Yeast, Newish kid on the block

    I have the Barbarian strain going right now in an IPA. Just wanted to try something new. First time using Imperial. Fermentation started quick. Hardest part is getting the yeast out of the can. Had to use a sanitized spoon. No big deal. Almost done with fermentation, currently dry hopping with...
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    How long is too long in the fermenter???

    I leave every batch I make in the fermenter for 30 days. (Primary only) Not one problem to date. I had left one in the carboy for 6 weeks due to time issues. No problem. And whoever said hefe is done in 2 weeks bottle NOW..... I have made hefe and let it sit the 30 days no issue.
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    Too much Vanilla?

    I made a vanilla pumpkin porter. I used 3 whole beans, broken down, scraped, and soaked in vodka, then placed in fermenter for the last 5-7 days. Tasted great after carbing in bottles for 2 weeks. The vanilla flavor starts to fade as the beer sits longer and longer. But it has good flavor...
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    Pin Lock - Air Disconnect Not Locking

    Not exactly sure what I did, but I got it on. Kind of had to push down VERY hard, and sort of rocked the disconnect. All I know is that it is finally on air carbing now!
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    Pin Lock - Air Disconnect Not Locking

    Just tried to connect again, I am guessing that one of the pins may be bent. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Or what is the solution to drinking the beer in the keg?
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    Pin Lock - Air Disconnect Not Locking

    I put my 3rd keg into my new keezer, and am having some trouble. I have PIN LOCK kegs, and when i slide the air disconnect onto the keg, it goes on ok, however i cannot get the collar to "lock" on. So I cannot carb or serve. If I hold the disconnect down I can get beer through the line...
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    Apple Wine/Cider w/Brewers Best Cider House

    Nice labels!!! I added some nutrient after 3 days, and the fermentation picked up a bit. I'm guessing this is just a slow starting yeast. Glad its low krausen! Not too much room left in my fermenter, only about .5 gallon worth of space. Seems to be a bit faster now, but definitely...
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    Apple Wine/Cider w/Brewers Best Cider House

    Starting with 6g cider, 5 lbs sugar, campden for 24 hrs before adding 1 packet of the Brewers Best Cider House Yeast. It has been picking up slowly. I would say the airlock bubbles about once every 2 seconds. So I know that there is fermentation going on, but like I said it just seems like its...
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    Apple Wine/Cider w/Brewers Best Cider House

    Question for you experts out there, this is my first wine/cider. I have done 15-20 beers or so. Started with fresh apple cider and added 5 lbs of sugar. Added campden tabs, waited 24 hrs, then added Brewers Best Cider House Yeast. My question is this.... it has been about 48 hrs after...
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    Help! Hydrometer broke in carboy

    I would dump it, too afraid to ingest small pieces of glass.
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    Blowoff tube did its job... Now what

    I have to say let it be for now.... once fermentation slows down you can remove it and change out for an airlock. Or just let it be till you bottle/keg it, then clean it all up. No worries, it did its job, and still is.
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    Info on Apple wine (noob)

    Thanks..... I understand that wine is a bit of a different animal than beer. Aging is always the hard part! Just waiting haha. Thanks for the reply.