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    English Best Bitter Recipe Development

    3250g MO Pale malt 200g Crystal 80L malt 70g Crystal 120l malt 50g Chocolate malt 20g EKG 6.8%, 60 mins 40g EKG 6.8%, 15 mins protofloc @ 15 mins Wyeast 1968 London ESB yeast 1 week primary @ 18c 1 month in cornelius keg @ 12c Turned out really nice, lots of fruityness and caramel, would...
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    English Best Bitter Recipe Development

    I repeated this brewday and ended up with a really great beer, pretty much spot on what I was looking for!
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    English Best Bitter Recipe Development

    Yeah infection and far too high fermentation temps. Hat an argument with my girlfriend while chilling the beer and ended up just transferring and pitching far too soon. Still, Alls good now and I'm hoping to repeat the brew in a week. First though I must work out the best place to keep the...
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    Brunken Dastard's Big Bad Brewery! 10gal eHERMS

    I've taken the first steps in adding to the brewery this year, by fitting an outside tap next to it as a water source, and by buying a new fermenter. I've also worked out how to go about chilling the beer in a sanitary way. Today though, I spent my lunch hour making this; a guide to how the...
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    cleaning copper chiller for first time

    Five star say that: "it is not recommended to use STAR SAN on soft metals because of the acid nature of this product" However, it does make it nice and shiney...... :D
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    English Best Bitter Recipe Development

    Unfortunately I totally ruined this brew - I'll be re-doing it on 22nd January, and will be spending now until then preparing for it. I've got a new better bottle style fermenter and will make sure that this time I start the brew day early so that I can take my time and get it right.
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    Deep Six Brewery - back in action!

    If I had 420 on tap I'd be the happiest man alive :D alas, I live in the uk and there's a big pond between me and sweetwater perfection :( Just wondering why you've chosen to have strongbow on tap? If it's the same strongbow we have over here then it's the 'bud light' of ciders. If you want...
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    IC to HERMS coil?

    I too, use my old IC as a HERMS coil. It works fine :)
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    'Blixem's Revenge' 6.5% Christmas Stout Brewday Photos

    Cheers : ) It was strange brewing on it for the first time - because after 6 months of building the brewery I had expected the brewing to be as complicated as the building - but with the pump and the HERMS it's so simple you almost can't believe you're brewing beer!
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    'Blixem's Revenge' 6.5% Christmas Stout Brewday Photos

    Hops in! Camera and phone ran out of battery here :( I chilled with a cfc which took bloody ages - next time I'll pump it through but I'm not sure how clean that would be! I left it to ferment and came back the next day to find that the yeasties had got exited and made a right mess! Bottled...
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    'Blixem's Revenge' 6.5% Christmas Stout Brewday Photos

    View of the recirculating mash - I should really make some kind of return manifold, but that can wait until the spring (I have no workshop so everything I've built has been made in the back garden!) Recirculating video I only have one pump at the moment, so I have to sparge by adding the...
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    'Blixem's Revenge' 6.5% Christmas Stout Brewday Photos

    Hi all, This is a beer I brewed back in late October. It's a Christmas Stout which is 6.5% and pretty hearty! In the original version of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas', originally called 'A Visit From St. Nicholas', the last two reindeer are not Donner & Blitzen, but Dunder & Blixem. :)...
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    Brewery in a box! Some assembly required.

    Argus - Go to your flickr and for each photo do exactly the same as you have been but instead of copying the link from the 'grab the link' bit in flickr, below that there's 'grab the html/bbcode'. You want the bbcode version. select bbcode instead of html and copy the code into your forum post...
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    Brunken Dastard's Big Bad Brewery! 10gal eHERMS

    Thanks guys : ) It's been a real learning experience making this, and I'm not sure I'd attempt it again without a workshop to build it in. Doing the whole thing outside in british weather is a right pain, and it's taken a whole lot of trial and error to get a working brewery. I'd love to give it...
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    Keg for $10I bought a

    It's a cask! :) used for naturally carbonated 'cask' ales or 'real ales' as we call them in the uk.