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    Soldering Stainless steel

    Lorglath I have the same pots and in order to avoid tearing I started with a 15/16 hole. Makes for a smaller dimple but its plenty for soldering.
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    shortening a temp probe

    Im guessing the probe end is hollow and the actual probe itself is in the end of the tube. Cutting it would probably ruin it completely.
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    Mounting Electrics Inside Control Panel

    I would make a back plate. Better than having a bunch of bolts coming out the back of your box.
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    Consecutive batches on 30A?

    This guy runs 2 5500watt elements off a 30a circuit. Pretty awesome.
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    Weldless Triclover Element?

    Wow sold out quick
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    Cost of switching to E-brewing?

    There is a huge range in what it could cost. Without knowing exactly what you want to do its hard to even give you a range of price.
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    Heating Element w/built-in anode source?

    I'm in the process of switching to big pots so I've only done tests with water but no rust in situations that would have rusted before.
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    Heating Element w/built-in anode source?

    Brewmation sells elements with a stainless base. They are pricey but I went with them cause my hard water rusts elements in no time.
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    Weldless Triclover Element?

    I will but I'm not sure when that will be.
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    Weldless Triclover Element?

    Got mine today....looks great.
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    Weldless Triclover Element?

    Bobby you should add an option to purchase extra TC gaskets. I know I would have added a couple on my order had the option been there.
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    Weldless Triclover Element?

    anyone else thinking this at the moment?
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    Weldless Triclover Element?

    awesome thanks Bobby
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    Weldless Triclover Element?

    These still on tea k for the end of the month? Got some new kettles and I need to decide between these and dimpling.
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    Solid or stranded wire in my control box?

    Use stranded especially if you are using crimp terminals.