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    American Barley Wine

    This is my first barley wine, and my first time using an extended boil. Constructive criticism is most appreciated! Fermentables: 17 lbs. Maris Otter 1.5 lbs. Carapils 1 lb. Caramel 60 .5 lb. Caramel 40L Boil: 180 min 120 min: 2 oz. Columbus pellets 15 min: 1 Whirlfloc tablet, 1...
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    Infected mead?

    Thanks. I used cotes de blanc white wine yeast from Red Star. Probably a good call on the additional yeast nutrient. I tried my best to mix the honey and water, but there is still a very solid mass of honey at the bottom of the carboy. Really hoping that once the yeast go into high gear...
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    Infected mead?

    Last night, I made a 5 gallon batch of pretty simple mead (15 lbs grocery store honey, topped up with Deer Park spring water, yeast nutrient, white wine yeast). This morning I saw what I feared to be the beginnings of a pellicle, and after 24 hours, this is what it looks like...
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    Did I just ruin my beer (orange peel edition)

    You threw a whole orange in post boil?
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    Did I just ruin my beer (orange peel edition)

    So, I decided to add orange peel to a brew this past weekend, and rather than reading up on it like an intelligent person, I simply took one whole orange peel, diced it, threw it in at 5 minutes, and then tossed it into the fermenter along with the wort. My thinking was that the rind would...
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    Black and White Ale

    I'm trying to brew a stout with the soul of a Belgian wit, or essentially do to white ale what CDA did to IPA. I've got most of my recipe, but I'm still trying to figure out which base malt would go best with this. I've got some two-row sitting around, which I understand is a good base malt for...
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    Yeast Harvesting

    My problem was that instead of letting it sit for 20 minutes, I let it sit overnight, and the viable yeast got all mixed in with the trub. If you look closely, you can see veins of white going into the murky gray beneath. That was when I realized that this was an 80 cent packet of US-05 and...
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    Yeast Harvesting

    Thanks for the link. That's a little more complicated than I thought, but far less so than washing and harvesting after primary.
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    Yeast Harvesting

    I'm honestly not sure what I did wrong. I think I let it sit too long, and the viable yeast got mixed in with the trub. This is the last thing I saw before dumping it down the drain: http://i.imgur.com/MZFRS.jpg
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    Yeast Harvesting

    I've read a lot about people harvesting yeast after primary fermenation, and the one time I tried this, I failed pretty spectacularly. Is it possible to make a two-stage yeast starter, then pitch half and store the other half for next time? I don't see why this wouldn't work, but it's so much...
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    Looking for an inexpensive grain mill

    Just started brewing all grain, and I'm looking to acquire a small, inexpensive grain mill. The ones at the homebrew store all run $150-200. Any suggestions? I found this one on Amazon, and it looks decent. Too good to be true? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000U5NZ4I/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20
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    Brew Kettle Quality

    I am about to make the upgrade to AG, and looking at the brew kettles online, they are all very expensive. Do I really need a $200-300 kettle, or can I just buy a sturdy 10 gallon stock pot? It seems like the presence of the spigot and/or built-in thermometer really ups the price. I have a...
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    First Attempt at Harvesting/Washing Yeast

    So, if I'm going to wash this again, should I toss the clear-ish liquid on top?
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    First Attempt at Harvesting/Washing Yeast

    Last night, I racked my blonde ale to secondary and had a very nice yeast cake at the bottom of the bucket. I boiled probably close to a gallon of water, chilled it, mixed it in with the yeast and trub, and after an hour, poured the top 3/4 off into a pitcher. I chucked the rest, covered the...
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    First Attempt at Reverse Engineering

    Interesting read. It almost looks like I should be using malted wheat rather than flaked wheat, since that will give up more sugars when steeped.