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    Adding Sodium Metabisulphate at kegging effect on water profile

    If the mechanical means aren’t getting enough O2 removed, any thoughts on adding some priming sugar in the keg for a similar “oxygen scavenging” action? Im in the same spot as the OP, doing what I can to minimize cold side oxygen but think there’s more to do.
  2. Omahawk

    Adding Sodium Metabisulphate at kegging effect on water profile

    The longer I brew, the more I acknowledge I don’t know. All I do know is what I read from others experiences other and the collections of my 100+ brewing experiences. Like royger, I am open to trying it, as my hoppy beers lose their “zing” sooner than I’d like. royger asked for an SMB dosing...
  3. Omahawk

    Adding Sodium Metabisulphate at kegging effect on water profile

    I’ve been researching this to try when I keg my next hoppy beer this weekend. One of the Brülosophy contributors who does this said “for 5 gallons/19 liters of beer, it’s recommended to add 10 ppm SMB, which amounted to only 0.3 grams (1 gram SMB = 175 ppm/gallon)”...
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    Imperial Pub A09 Crazy Fast Fermentation?

    Agreed. I moved it to a warmer spot last night and it’s still not budging. I’ve kegged beers that looked more active than this, but kegging 72 hours in seems ludicrous. I’ll give it till this weekend at least, and do a hydrometer sample one more time. Im guessing it’ll come out at 1.010 again...
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    British Golden Bitter Recipe

    You’ve inspired me to brew this again this summer. Any advice on hop schedule? Thanks.
  6. Omahawk

    Imperial Pub A09 Crazy Fast Fermentation?

    Thanks for the confirmations. It is just crazy how “done” it is after only 48 hours. It’s not “finishing up” - this sucker is finished.
  7. Omahawk

    Darker Biere de Garde Recipe?

    Just saw this. My notes indicate that I didn’t like it early on (at 2-3 months age) due to some “misbalance” between malt flavors and hop flavors. I did 3:1 CaCl to gypsum on water additions so it should have accentuated the maltiness. It really dried out (1.062 to 1.008) in attenuation. I noted...
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    Imperial Pub A09 Crazy Fast Fermentation?

    Just used Imperial A09 pub ale in a relatively standard pale ale recipe. First time using Imperial Pub yeast. I PITCHED ON SATURDAY (1.052 OG) AND 48 HOURS LATER IT IS AT 1.010 SG AND APPEARS TO BE DONE. I checked it tonight after dinner and was shocked. No krausen or any activity. The trub...
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    Tips for Whole Hops IPA - Lots of hops

    I ended up doing 1 ounce Zeus whole leaf hops for bittering and 10 ounces whole leaf Chinook, Centennial and Cascade hops at flame out for a 20 minute hot steep. I let them float free in the wort with me stirring and “dunking” them during the hot steep. I then strained them out and let the wort...
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    Bully! Porter Clone Critique

    I like Bully! as well. I haven’t had it for several months, but a couple of thoughts based on memory: As noted by the others, that’s lots of chocolate. I’m wondering if you could cut it in half. Also, I recall a touch of burnt, roast malt in the Bully! flavor. I’m wondering if maybe a few ounces...
  11. Omahawk

    Need a good RIS Recipe.

    Here is a thread with a recipe for Darkness https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/threads/surly-darkness-recipe.273322/#10 gallon igloo cooler mash tunpost-5232934
  12. Omahawk

    Anyone ever make the 999 Barleywine?

    Recipe looks great. In regards to your question, as with lots of things, “it depends”. Based on my experience, and your notes, 65% sounds about right. 25 lbs is about the most grain I can use in my setup (10 gallon igloo cooler mash tun) and still get my desired 1.25 qts / lb. On big beers...
  13. Omahawk

    The Kitchen Sink IPA

    Lol. What’s that like 3 pellets ? “Leave no hop behind!”
  14. Omahawk

    The Kitchen Sink IPA

    Also, malt bill and hops look good. Congratulaions to you and your wife.
  15. Omahawk

    The Kitchen Sink IPA

    How is 0.02 oz of leftover Simcoe even possible? That’s a story I want to hear.