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Founded on Love in 2002. We chose the town because of the best Beer Bar in this part of the country. The Country Inn in Krumville ( google it!) who had over 500 beers. We honor Larry, former owner and founder of the establishment with our love and appreciation of good beer. He liked our beer too. We have ON TAP: at the present, High Point Mountain Porter (HPM), Super HPM Porter (pushed with nitrogen) and Ashokan IPA. We have had at various times: Bitters,A Light Pale , Pales, Old English Ale, Two Belgians made identical but with variance of using different yeasts, A wonderful Tongore Stout and for the Wedding, Apple Mead or Cyser on Tap tasting like champagne (wow) so we are looking for other brewers and drinkers. We grow our own hops, use local Catskill water, and local cider and honey for the meads. We have brew sessions with friends showing up all through the day to help out and have a beer. We can't sell our brew but share it freely with friends and volunteers. We are all grain wh