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    New post a picture of your pint

    Did not notice the happy little guy until I reviewed my pictures, he looks like he approves or is thirsty. This glass is I know at least 65-70 years old or older, I use it with care.
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    Pet bottles

    I have used Cooper PET bottles for years & never had a problem, I buy new caps every few years.
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    How long an Extract Brewer?

    Almost 8 years into extract brewing & planning on staying with extracts. Extracts are fast, fun & you can shoot for what you like with a little change here and there. I enjoy it!:rock:
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    So I did it

    So I figured, why not, kill a few birds with one stone? I have had this in the back of my mind for a long time so it was somewhat planned out so I put it into action. I have repaired computers for a couple decades for a living so I was on solid ground & here is the final product. A...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    7:30 this morning started an IPA 7 gallons, using Columbus, Centennial & Cluster Hops. All went pretty good.:rock:
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    Average age of home brewers......

    I am 70 & brew 7 gallon brews every month or so. Pretty good hobby & I make some really good, to me, Beer :rock:
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    New post a picture of your pint

    Here is an IPA I made last year, very good, but the little yellow happy guy seems to want a taste.
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    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    7 gallons Columbus IPA, been going 5 days & lookin good.
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    Why is my IPA so bitter?

    Just me, but I won't touch an IPA until 3 weeks in the bottle, some times longer.
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    I am going to go 31 days without beer...

    Well, seeing that I am Polish (beer is inherent) and I will be 70 this year, a little too late to worry about it so, party on. :mug::mug: but I do be wise about it.
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    3 plus years it took me !!

    Don't get me wrong, all my beers I have brewed have been at least OK, some pretty good, some real good. I am my own worst critic as I would not share till I was satisfied that I had brewed a beer I could not find fault with and this one was it. I document everything I brew so I can duplicate it...
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    3 plus years it took me !!

    After over 3 years of brewing I have finally brewed a pale Ale that I feel is good enough to share with some friends. 7 gallons of Pale Ale that is clear, clean, and tastes like what I have been after and I can reproduce it. 6.4 abv, a little strong but mighty good.:) I think when I started...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Got everything ready yesterday afternoon, went out this morning 65 degrees:) made a 7+ gallon brew Pale Ale. Two hours from start to finish, everything cleaned and put up. Been putting this off for a while as my better half has been having a health issue. Should be ready the end of October, I...
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    Going to try this for the price

    Well, I got to try the IPA last evening & it turned out excellent. I will be brewing a bunch of these kits, for this price why not.::D