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  • Retired
  • 6 years brewing, starting on 7th
  • No brew club affiliation, but considering
  • I am a grandpa and great grandpa; they call me papa.
  • Other hobbies include: photography and trying to learn guitar playing.
  • Last year I put a new roof on my house. Probably 60% of the work, I did myself. Thank God for roofing nailers!
  • I am on the maintenance crew for our local VFW Post.
  • Grandkids take the rest of my time (and energy).
Santa Cruz
State / Province
Favorite Music
Country, Blues, Soft jazz
Favorite Movies
A Man for All Seasons, Brave Heart, As Good as it Gets, My cousin Vinnie, Jason Bourne movies
Favorite Television Shows
Black List, the Black Box, Seal Team, FBI, A Million Little Things
Favorite Books
Novels by Robert Ludlum, James Paterson, Eric Van Lustbader, Dean Coonts
Clubs and Associations
Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Homebrewers Association
Home Brewing Biography
Back in the '80s I worked with a guy who was a home brewer, and that intrigued me. But I probably didn't have the patience to brew back then. Quality ingredients were difficult to obtain then, and suppliers were few. Fast forward to 2012. I read an article in our local paper about homebrewing, and it even mentioned Seven Bridges, the only homebrew supply in our town. Christmas came and I received a gift certificate to Seven Bridges. After much study, and saving money for a good starter kit, I made my first brew. It was a Mash/Extract Pre-Prohibition Lager, which I brewed January 12, 2013. It turned out great, was wildly popular with friends and family. I was hooked! Now I brew All Grain, many different styles.
Future Brews
Stout, Brown Ale, Scottish Ale, Pre pro Lager
1. Irish Red 2. Empty
Pumpkin Ale (still some left), Dunkels weissbier, Orange Wit