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  1. officeboy

    Show us your Kegerator

    Just moved it out to the back deck where hopefully it will see lots of action. Has space for 4 kegs and a bunch of bottles. Just ordered a third tap for it. The intertap faucets are pretty nice. Please note the delightful drywall mudpan with spare floor heat register "drip tray".
  2. officeboy

    Math help on single vessel chiller idea?

    I found the formula for calculating pump needs, GPM = BHTU / (Load factor density of liquid) X Temp Drop So with an estimated temperature drop of 40F, and the density of Propylene Glycol at 40F = 436. I get 17,440, that divided into an expected 80 btu/hr = 0.0125 GPM. or 3/4 gal an hour... soo...
  3. officeboy

    Math help on single vessel chiller idea?

    Trying to work out what type of cooling "power" is needed to reasonably control fermentation temperatures. Here is the basic idea. Brew bucket or bigmouth fermentor with a 1/4 or 3/8 stainless loop, hooked up to a small glycol pump that does 70l/hr. Heat exchange with a PC watercooling...
  4. officeboy

    Black IPA or whatever we call it now...

    This thread is funny to me because I just made a black... something in the middle of schwarzbier/ipa. (black pale ale?) It was partigyle off a RIS, but only 2 row, munich and oats were mashed. In 6 gallons (preboil 0.041) I steeped 2 lbs of black patent. I'll show you too much roast~!
  5. officeboy

    Black IPA or whatever we call it now...

    I think an english porter will have a lot more residual sweetness with roasty and caramel malt flavor. Also the suggested IBU's is 18-35 which is pretty far from IPA's 50-90.
  6. officeboy

    Official Broken Carboy Count.

    Like you think, they hardly touched, but I think being full, and the curve of the shoulder just did it.
  7. officeboy

    Official Broken Carboy Count.

    51. Just added dry hops and giving the carboy a little swirl. Clink and gush. Only lost about 3/4 of a gallon, but all that o2 and lost hops...
  8. officeboy

    Frustratingly Low Mash Efficiency

    How about your post mash grains, are many of them still intact? Seems like mine are soft/crunched, but not opening up (still sealed in the husk) I also have problems with efficiency in the low 60s and double crushing does seem to help, but even then I can only get into the high 60s.
  9. officeboy

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2016?

    + 5 gallons Bitter + 6 gallons Pale Ale + 5 gallons Rouch Dunkleweizen + 5 gallons Helles + 5 gallons Brown ale + 5 gallons Imperial stout + 10 gallons winter IPA + 6 gallons MaiBock 24,542 + 47 = 24,589
  10. officeboy

    Grapefruit Juice in Beer

    I work out the sugars per serving as marked on the bottle and add enough servings to hit the sugar needed. It is close to 1/2 gallon per 5 gallon batch.
  11. officeboy

    Grapefruit Juice in Beer

    I make an american style Hefe that I bottle with grapefruit juice (used as priming sugar). It is a summer favorite of quite a few of my friends (mostly ladies)
  12. officeboy

    What Are You Drinking Your Beer Out Of?

    If I am out and about, or working in the yard garage a hydroflash insulated cup (beer stays cold a long time) Otherwise a glass or mug depending on what/where/when. My wife did just pick up a case of these for $1 each.
  13. officeboy

    water cooler Refrigeration package uses?

    Did you do anything to tear these apart? I have been thinking about a glycol jacket for carboys and something like a water cooler would be nice, (cheap and compact)
  14. officeboy

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2016?

    + 5 gallons Marzen + 5 gallons Hefeweizen + 5 gallons APA + 5 gallons Helles Bock + 5 gallons Saison + 3 gallons Oatmeal Stout + 3 gallons Imperial Stout + 5 gallons SMASH + 6 gallons Cream Ale + 5 gallons Hefeweizen (split for yeast test) + 5 gallons Irish Red Lager + 5 gallons IPA...
  15. officeboy

    What's a better capper?

    I have both and started using the bench capper assuming it was better. Tried the wing capper when my capping person was a little slow and was amazed at how much easier it was. Haven't used the bench capper since. 200+ bottles with a wing capper and that is my go to now.