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    yeast from stone old guardian 2009

    thanks for the replies. i had a feeling it was the same stuff that they use in everything. i was really hoping that since it was a barleywine it might have something special going on there. i guess i'll have to go back to experimenting with whatever the yeast is that i cultured from a bottle of...
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    yeast from stone old guardian 2009

    found a bottle of this stuff today for $4.99 and decided to pick it up. i noticed that there is a creamy layer of yeasty beasties in there and was wondering if anyone knew what strain it might be. if anyone has stepped it up and brewed with it, what results did you have?
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    haha! Cantaloupe Beer!

    i'm pretty sure that freezing doesn't kill all of the bugs, but i would bet that it does kill some. i pasteurize just for the added insurance i guess. it may not be needed, but it helps me to worry less about it.
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    haha! Cantaloupe Beer!

    in the past i have had great success with getting fruit flavors into beer by using a juicer. what i do is juice the fruit, add the pulp to the mash, and freeze the juice. after fermentation has come to a stop, i pasteurize the juice and add it to the fermentation vessel. the pulp in the mash...
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    Homebrew book?

    no love for dave miller's home brewing guide? i thought it was excellent for an entry level book.
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    hen's tooth yeast

    i tried the search function and didn't have any results, so please forgive me if this has been covered. i was wondering if anyone knows whether or not the yeast in the bottom of hen's tooth is the same strain that they use to brew with or if it's just a bottle conditioning yeast. i was...
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    tasked with orange creamsicle beer

    my girlfriend thought this would be something she would like and i'm more than willing to give it a go for her. if anyone would like to add some suggestions to this i would love to hear them! 8 lbs american two row 8 oz crystal malt 10 8 oz honey malt 8 oz lactose .5 oz cascades @60 .25...
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    smoked malt suggestions

    well i do appreciate your responses even if they aren't what i wanted to hear. since i'm pretty insistant on doing my business with the lhbs that i have been going to though, about how much of the beechwood smoked malt would be needed to detect some smoked flavor in something like a typical...
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    smoked malt suggestions

    well i can't honestly say that i'm happy to hear that. i was really hoping that the flavor that comes from those malts was fairly similar with different amounts of smokiness. would anything like liquid smoke possibly come close at all?
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    smoked malt suggestions

    i have a recipe that calls for 4 oz of peat smoked malt and the lhbs that i prefer to go to only carries Weyermann beechwood smoked malt. if some of you guys with smoked malt experience could give me an idea of how much to sub for the peat smoked to get into the general area of smokiness i would...