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    Reuse partially boiled wort?

    I added a small amount of 60 min hops that were eventually boiled out of everything.
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    Reuse partially boiled wort?

    In the bucket for 16 hours with a lid and bubbler, nothing can get in. It isn’t like a sour mash so I think it would be good. Also, I know breweries sometimes do wort competitions, so assuming it shouldn’t be an issue.
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    Reuse partially boiled wort?

    Hi all, moved to a new system and Brewer’s on it for the first time inside. When I went to boil I had boil overs that made a huge mess. Two of them, one shortly after the other. I haven’t had one in 10 years. I only boiled the wort for 5-7 minutes but I placed the wort in a covered bucket and...
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    Spike 3v how to sanitize counter flow chiller

    Hi All, Setting up my new ebrewing system in the basement and doing water runs to make sure I hav everything down. switching from an immersion chiller to a counter flow chiller. I have searched the web for how to sanitize the chiller and found several ways. but nothing specific to the spike...
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    For Sale New bomber (22oz) bottles in IL

    I have 75 - 150 brand new bomber bottles. $20 for all. I no longer need them as I keg. You will need to bring containers to carry them in. Back story: my wife had a customer that had a pallet of bomber bottles for testing a machine they were building. They gave her some. So many I couldn’t use...
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    Spike Conical- observations and best practices

    Preface by stating if this has already been discussed in this thread, sorry, just kindly point me to the page(s). I have used the CF5 for 6-7 batches, the last a lager. I have a penguin chiller. I use a blow off tube fro the 1.5" TC fitting on the lid into sanitary water sitting on the ground...
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    Spike Trio Brew System 20 Gallon

    How old is the setup? How many times was it used? Why you getting rid of it?
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    Lager brewing process

    Never had the equipment to do so and hate waiting.
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    Lager brewing process

    Thank you all for your input. I am using 34/70. For a 5 gallon batch is one packet enough?
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    Lager brewing process

    Brewing my first lager this weekend after 12 years of brewing I am unsure of the fermentation process. It seems like most of what I have read is a diacetyl rest in which the temperature should be raised to 70ish degrees. Unsure of exact temp, if it is needed, when it should be done, for how...
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    Spike Conical- observations and best practices

    Thank you all for the input on racking the beer from the conical to the keg! @specialkayme / @eric19312 - you mentioned about how I do the trub dump. Based on your input I must be doing it wrong. I open up the valve until it starts to come out, which got me to wide open with the thickness of...
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    Spike Conical- observations and best practices

    Looking for some advice on process surrounding the CF5 conical. I have used the conical (CF5) 4 times. The last beer was a NEIPA and had a bunch of issues getting the beer from the conical to keg. I use pressure to transfer per the spike video on youtube. Background on the beer I brewed...
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    Where to purchase

    Hi All, Picked up a Glycol chiller ~1.5 months used from another home brewer. He only used it twice but it is now about a year old. I feel it is time to change out the gylcol. I search this forum a bit for purchasing glycol but haven't found a "recent" thread. Just wondering where...
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    Dry hopping schedule

    #2 is correct.