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    How do you Mash in w/BIAB?

    This is also what I use (my amazon account confirms that is the one I bought!) I add some grain, stir, add, stir, add, stir. Yea, about 1/3 at a time. I THEN let it sit (with my home-made reflectix coozie around it) for 5-10 minutes, STIR again, and then start my 60min timer. I tried my first...
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    Squeeze the bag

    Since I brew in my enclosed (but far from air tight, with lots of windows) porch, I sunk a big eyebolt into the rafter above where I brew, I hoist up the wilserbrewer bag, fire up the burner, and squeeze out till I get the right volume. I use priceless BIAB calculator, and I hit 81% mash...
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    Maintaining mash temp

    I made a reflectix coozie for my kettle. Double layer with a double layer lid. Use aluminum ducting tape only! IN WINTER I lose 4°F over an hour in my enclosed porch (not insulated). Last brew was about 2°F with outdoor temp around 50°F. Well worth the cost... Maybe $20
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    Cleaning the Grain Mill

    Oilless air compressor here. Keep the knurling clean on the rollers! Keeps my house cleaner too :)
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    Full Volume BIAB Efficiency

    I tend to get 82% and use that to calculate my numbers now. I'm always within one point if gravity! I use a cereal killer mill, gap set to credit card, mill with a plug in low speed drill. I'm happy with 82%. Don't see any reason to brew differently!
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    Grain Mills

    Cereal killer here. Set it to credit card gap, and I get 82% efficiency almost every brew. Sure, it grinds a bit fine at that setting, but for BIAB, its no big deal. Not too fine though. I wouldn't even mess with a corona style. Save up for the Cereal killer, and get a corded drill. You CAN...
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    Survey: Whats your brew pot size and do you use all of it.

    10gal pot for 5gal batches here. Just brewed a 1.075 beer today, I think I could get up to 1.090 but that would be getting real close. MOST of my beers are <1.060 anyway, which leaves a ton of room. If I brewed lot of high-gravity beers, I would have gone for a 15gal. I only do 5-gal batches...
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    What is everyone getting for grain absorption?

    0.08-0.09gal/lb seems to work well for me. I squeeze pretty good, but not what I feel is too much... I ratchet the bag up, fire up the burner, and squeeze while the wort is heating. I wish I knew BIAB was so simple, I would have started years ago!
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    Blue Strap, Heavy Duty Carboy Carrier

    I've been using the black brew haulers for 6 years, no issues at all. I'd rather use buckets, but I feel glass is easier to sanitize. Plus...I kinda like seeing active fermentation :)
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    I Love My LHBS because.....

    My "local" homebrew shop requires a 50 minute drive... So even though they have a great selection, I usually order online. I will probably get up there soon and purchase a sack of basemalt, so I don't get hit on shipping. I wish I had a more local brew store, I'm so sick of all the...
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    Cereal Killer setting for BIAB?

    Brewed the Fat Tire clone (all-grain) kit I bought today. I used my cereal killer spaced to about .028 (credit card minus a little as it tightens it when tighten the lock screws). I hand cranked a few handfuls just to check the crush, and honestly that was not THAT bad, but I hooked the drill up...
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    Cereal Killer setting for BIAB?

    Well, it all arrived today. I set it to a 0.029" card, but I set it kind of snug, so closer to 0.025" if I had to guess. I won't brew till at least Sunday, I'll do some test grinds Sat night. The wooden base on mine was finished poorly, but a little time with my palm sander and sanding block...
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    Cereal Killer setting for BIAB?

    Picked up a Skil 7Amp 1/2" low speed drill today (0-950rpm) at Lowes today. Got good reviews online, and was only $40. Pretty easy to control speed, and has a forward handle to help control it. Sure, I could get a HF model cheaper, but Skill is a known brand, at least. I do wish the direction...
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    wilserbrewer BIAB bags

    Brew pot lid damage? Looks like it *could* be in that area... I'm really just throwing it out there. Love my wilserbrewer bag, but I've only brewed with it once!
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    Cereal Killer setting for BIAB?

    I don't mind exercise, so I'll see how it goes. Still pretty sure I'll end up with a drill, but I want a high torque corded drill anyway, they are nice to have for bigger holes/harder materials. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! :) CHEERS!