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    BYO Double Pipe Wort Chiller

    In terms of food safe if you get the parker fittings: They are food safe.
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    Things a Homebrewer Thinks

    I wish I had CAD at home so I didn't have to design all my brewing gear at the office.
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    Water book by John Palmer and Colin Kaminski

    If you listen to the latest Brew Strong episode (Intro to Brewing Science) on The Brewing Network John talks about some recent findings on a mash experiment that they were working on that changed some info in the book. This is in the first 5 minutes of the episode, kind of interesting findings.
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    Water book by John Palmer and Colin Kaminski It look like release date of Nov 7th. :ban:
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    STC 1000 "Ebay" Temperature Controller Build

    I found some for $15.80 and free shipping. I got mine in 9 days and works fine.
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    ebay aquarium temp controller build

    I found a supplier of the controllers with free shipping. I ordered one and it came in 9 days. Not too shabby. These are $15.80 and FREE...
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    bottle cap with no liner

    Yeah I made a quick trip to the LHBS and got new caps. I thought about doing an experiment with a few and capping with the nonliners and covering them in wax, but I chickened out. I guess it wouldn't hurt for next time to experiment.
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    bottle cap with no liner

    Has anyone ever seen this? My swmbo, bless her hear, got me bottle caps from amazon in her last order. However they don't have a liner in them like the one on the right. They are just plain metal. I would assume that they wouldn't be able to hold pressure, but I don't know. I haven't used them...
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    GABF ticket purchasing

    Is this what you are talking about, because I didn't see a members entrance option either.
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    Gabf 2012

    This is the first year I'm planning on going to the GABF:rockin:! Seeing as how I don't know what goes on at the GABF I'm looking for suggestions of what sessions to go to. I've heard that the members only session Saturday morning is the best to go to, but what else is there that goes on? Any...
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    Pump Question

    Totally missed that thread. I came across the website using
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    Pump Question

    Anybody ever use one of these? I just can't believe that the quality would be that great.
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    Homebrew Store in Duluth, MN

    I would be interested as well. If you haven't go check out the Wine Tyme Winery over in Superior. It's right on 53 almost on the edge of town in an old gas station. They are on the cusp of having an ok shop, they do a ton of wine kits and wine stuff, but it might be worth talking to the owner...
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    Hops growing yet?

    My 2nd year cascades are poking through the ground at my parents place in Western WI. The 2nd year fuggles aren't showing anything, although that is how it was when I planted them last year, the cascades started showing first. The picture is showing the cascades. The longest shoot is about 1"...
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    beerthirty makes a porno

    Not to revive an old thread, but how did the BYO mag turn out? What back issue is it?