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    What is this layer in my fermenter?

    Can't tell from the photo, but my guess is that it's the settling trub layer. If it's oily, it may be hop oils (?), since you likely used a lot of hops for a Pliny clone, but I doubt that they'd be visible as a defined layer. Wait until fermentation is done to worry about what's what in the...
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    I think that people poo-poo GI because they're now owned by Molson Coors, but they were the original Vancouver craft brewery back in the early 80s. I drank a lot of their beer back in the day.
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    Commercial Drive is an Italian/hipster/hippie area near many of the Grandview/Strathcona breweries. Plenty of little shops, coffee places, good food and the like. Some good parks for the kids too. A bit grungy though. Easy to tool around it and try breweries as you tool. +1 about Steamworks...
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    Where to start ... There are a lot of breweries in Vancouver. Most of them are located on the east side of the city -- many clustered around Grandview, Strathcona, Powell Streets. The Main Street area is another cluster. Am guessing that you'll be staying downtown; if so, it's an easy bus or...
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    WA booze ripoff

    True with the Cubans.
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    WA booze ripoff

    This is anything but a "be thankful" reply because comparing booze prices in Canada and the US is like chalk and cheese, but the cheapest 1.75L of gut-rot white rum in British Columbia is $51.49 CND or ~$40.00 USD.
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    Dirty Confession

    Laughed out loud. Great post!
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    Recipe showcasing Amarillo hops

    Although you aren't keen on a SMaSH, a Maris/Amarillo SMaSH will be great -- even for a future beer. Do a highish mash temp for body, and load up the late, whirlpool and dry hop additions. It'll be delicious and allow the full profile come through. I'd go with a neutral yeast, though, like...
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    If you were stranded on a desert island....

    I thought that I'd say pale ale, but have to agree with a Saaz pils.
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    Your "uh oh...." moments....

    Had too many while brewing a double batch and pitched two Wyeast packs into the same bucket. The other had to do with the dregs from each package since it was 9pm and the HBT was closed the next day. I don't remember it being terrible, but wasn't good.
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    What are you brewing next & have on tap/bottled

    A Thornbridge Jaipur clone, and then a SMaSH with Alberta Heritage malt and Denali. Have a bitter on tap that I'm not fond off, but it's drinkable; and, a very dry cider. Vienna/Amarillo SmaSH on deck!
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    Average age of home brewers......

    Am 44 and this is my tenth year of brewing. Brewed like a fiend before baby (now 3.5 yrs) came along, which put me on hiatus for the better part of her young life. Bought a Grainfather on Black Friday and have brewed more since then than in the past two years. Between her ability to watch...
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    Oh No! Unexpected issue

    First, it's probably fine. The tartness is most likely from the puree which, in spite of having sugar, is an acidic addition. It should become less pronounced with some time, but it's going to a be a very forward part of the profile of a beer with passion fruit. The puree would have best been...