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    Holiday Mead?

    I made this last fall based on the recipe posted on Groennfell Meadery's Winter Warmer. They have the recipe posted on their website here: The orange juice and brandy really add something unique to the flavor and none of the spices are over the...
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    Hugh Baird Crystal 135/165?

    My only input is that I am looking for a malt referred to in "Modern Homebrew Recipes" called Baird UK Crystal 135 and am wondering if this is the same malt. I'm wondering if it's a typo in the book.
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    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Imperial IPA - All-Grain Recipe Kit
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    Experimental DIPA w/Hopshot ONLY during the boil. Thoughts?

    So basically something like Heady Topper then?
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    Barleywine blues

    You could always rack it onto a fresh yeast cake. That would really get it going.
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    Pumpkin Beer smells great, but tastes moderatly sour in secondary.

    I sometimes get a sour vegetal note if I use too much pumpkin in a beer. Did you mash or boil pumpkin in the recipe? How much did you use?
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    Why don't yeast companies just sell liquid yeast packages with higher cell counts?

    Just curious, did they have US-05? If so, why use WLP008 or even WLP001 instead of a dried version that has a higher cell count, is cheaper, and has a longer shelf life. On a slightly related note: I guess I don't understand why all my LHBSs stock way more WY1056 than any other liquid...