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    1st BIAB by the Numbers

    .... did you boil with the grain bag in the water? and then squeeze after? im confused......
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    American IPA Sierra Nevada Celebration Clone 2013

    my brother is a huge fan of celebration, so this weekend i'll introduce him to the process and brew this one up! thanks for the recipe.
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    Bag hoist/hanging...any pics?

    Ive been doing pretty well without a hook/hoist/pulley with 5 gallon BIAB I simply took a 5 gallon bucket and drilled several holes in the bottom Then i grabbed a metal refrigerator shelf (From a mini fridge, so its essentially like an oven rack) when my mash is over, i pull out the bag, have...
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    Blonde Ale Amarillo Blonde

    i substituted in some Honey Malt instead of 2-row and man, did this come out great. very good light beer. very drinkable
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    Bought New Burner - Not Hot Enough?

    I actually am curious to know.. i did not weigh it and i'm not sure. I'll check next brew day and report back!
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    Covering Your Boil - Oops?

    probably in the 40's or so
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    Covering Your Boil - Oops?

    i thought about that with commercial/microbreweries. I never had the pot fully closed throughout the entire boil. Not once. I think it'll be okay. It was an AG recipe. I don't plan on covering even partially again. It was getting quite windy and chilly out near the end of the brew day, so i...
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    Covering Your Boil - Oops?

    Last night was my first time brewing outdoors on a propane burner. As the sun started to set, i worried a bit about two things. - Bugs deciding to land in the wort - Heat Loss (outside temp was dropping quick) I had my lid on PARTIALLY (steam was still escaping) i know that most people...
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    American Pale Ale Cascades / Orange Pale Ale

    Brew day was successful! boiled down to 5 gallons with the same grain bill. Ended up at 1.060! mustve had some pretty solid efficiency :drunk:
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    Bought New Burner - Not Hot Enough?

    all is good! that thing had 6 gallons boiling in less than 20 minutes! nice!
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    American Pale Ale Cascades / Orange Pale Ale

    Found my next brew :) this looks like a great tasty summer brew
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    Bought New Burner - Not Hot Enough?

    I think i should be alright then. This one has an adjustable regulator and at full blast is pretty loud and produces a nice blasting blue flame. Maybe i'll test it this week and plan a brew day cheers :mug:
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    Bought New Burner - Not Hot Enough?

    havent had the chance to yet :P figured id check and see if anyone had used this burner first. I have brewed 5 gallon batches on my stove top before with no issue (except it taking forever to boil), so i assumed that nearly any outdoor burner would work better (faster)
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    Bought New Burner - Not Hot Enough?

    I recently purchased this burner from the local walmart. It look exactly like an SQ14 burner and it said that it was "Perfect for boiling" so i figured it would be great. Sturdy and well crafted it seems but i'm worried it wont put out enough heat to boil 6 gallons. I cant find specs for the...
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    8$ wheat bush beer

    thanks for digging up this old thread. this was an awesome read. don't be afraid to experiment :)