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    Kettle Soured Raspberry Blonde

    S05; sorry for the confusion. Colour was a dusky pink/red and it was tart raspberried and delicious.
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    Rhubarb Wine

    I didn’t see an answer posted (but am only on page four!) You can try making an FPac (use the search function to explain process) or adding additional rhubarb to secondary (after primary fermentation is complete). Itypically do this after one or two months, as a much less vigorous fermentation...
  3. Northerngal

    Kettle Soured Raspberry Blonde

    9 lb 2row 1 lb pilsner 0.5 lb crystal malt BIAB Style Mash at 158 for an hour with 7.5 gal water. Remove & squeeze bag. Sour with lacto; brew belt for 3 days at 95F until pH of 3.5 or 3 (to preference) Boil for an hour to kill lacto. I don't use hops in this beer, obviously they can be added...
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    Beer as fertilizer or compost addition?

    I'm a home brewer as well as a gardener. My spent beer grains already go into my compost (or to my chickens). I have a recent batch that I over carbonated and need to dump. I haven't planted my garden beds yet and am wondering if this is something I should add in? Or just dump into the compost...
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    Fruit Addition Dilemna Resolved

    To me too? Thanks
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    Do I have crap caps or did I overprime? What now?

    Thanks all. They were just a bag of cheap caps, it is either the capper or tired hands. Ah well; live & learn. They are pop top stubby bottles; I've never had an issue with them before. Should I try making some malt vinegar with the partial bottles? Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Fruit Beer Pineapple Pale Ale

    This beer was awesome. I will be making it again. The most popular of the available homebrews at my Christmas party ��
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    Do I have crap caps or did I overprime? What now?

    I bottled a pilsner about 2weeks ago. I noticed that about 1/3 of the bottles have leaked about 1/3-1/4 of the beer out (they were stored horizontally.) This was the first time I've had this issue, which leads me to wonder if I bought crappy caps or if I overprimed. Did I possibly just do a sh|t...
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    Reviews on "On the Rocks" cider kits from NZ

    Digging up an old thread while searching for reviews myself....I bought the raspberry lime and apple. I'll let you know how they turn out!
  10. Northerngal

    Coopers Pilsner and Lager with Saflager S23

    Moved out of the 10C garage and into the 22C boiler room for diacetyl rest
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    The Blood of the Wise (Cranberry/Lingonberry Mead)

    http://keeleranderson.net/Herbalwebpage/plants/cranberries.htm Interesting read
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    Trial batch with Salal berries

    How did this turn out?
  13. Northerngal

    need a little help with a cranberry mead

    I would add orange zest in secondary, without the pith, rather than orange juice. I use a veggie peeler for easy removal. It will add the hint of orange without all the bitterness associated with fermenting OJ. Best of luck!
  14. Northerngal

    The Blood of the Wise (Cranberry/Lingonberry Mead)

    I love your thinking on this one, please keep us posted on how it turns out! Pondering: what kind of cranberries grow there? My grandpa picks highbush cranberries and makes jelly (northern Canada). I've looked them up and they're a different species from the cranberries you can buy at the...