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    Hofbräuhaus Original Clone

    I know this thread is Old with a capital O, but it's the closest to the topic I have some info on. I recently discovered Hofbrau Original, by recommendation of another shopper in the beer aisle. I like the bottle size, and have been keeping and de-labeling them. On a whim I went to their...
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    Beer buzz: Storebought vs Homebrew

    I was thinking about this issue again last night and I thought I'd find this thread and see what wisdom had been appended. I was setting up my cold crash bucket and drank some pints of unfiltered, uncarbonated. Definitely a different, slower to kick in buzz, so I'm going to go out on a limb...
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    Cold crash killed my yeast

    Ah, I love you guys. This is EXACTLY the issue that made me sign in for the first time in months to research. I've been burning my wallet up with storebought Pizza Port Mongo, so we finally re-opened the brewing pipeline this weekend. We want to rinse-and-repeat with our yeast to keep costs...
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    Bigger yesat started = shorter primary?

    Researching the limits of this right now...I have a batch of yeast I've been rinsing and reusing every week - it's going into it's eighth run today. By conservative estimate I have a quart of yeast which I am adding to a starter. I realize that there has to be some dead yeast and hops trub in...
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    Brewing webcomics references? Here's a good one...

    Thanks, [nukebrewer] - here's another... I don't think the link will stay true, so search [ diesel sweeties kill screen ] "Grain goes in, fun comes out"
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    Frozen yeast

    Well, I never taste mine but I guess I'll have to begin so I can get a baseline. I just tried mine and it tasted beerlike, so I guess I'll plow ahead.
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    Frozen yeast

    Just a few hours later, and my starter is going crazy - Big Kate has done me good again... normzone
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    Frozen yeast

    Thanks all - this thread indirectly answers the question I'm searching this afternoon - I just cold crashed five gallons in the freezer of Katherine Kegerator (Big Kate to her friends), my 25 year old Kenmore frig / freezer. She can make a five gallon batch of 10% ale into a beersicle in 24...
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    Hop Bursting + Late malt extract = 30 min beer? Please provide advice

    Without any math to support the theory I still like it - thanks for your reply.
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    Air bubbles in siphon tube

    I have some new hose and tube, and last brew day I noted that the tube was a little undersize (or the hose a little oversize) and I could not achieve a leak free fit. I think rather than add hose clamps to the mix, therefore adding a potentially sharp surface to my equipment handling routine, I...
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    Brewing webcomics references? Here's a good one...

    And here's another one I found today - I've always wondered if we are as yeast cells to some god somewhere.
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    3 word story

    the less I
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    Clear beer towards end of keg?

    Also, the entire first keg is probably clear by now. You just can't tell because you drank it already.