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    you still use hops in your beer?

    I'm glad I made my monthly voyage over here to enjoy this worthless thread. Can you guys not see that Fred is clearly a cat, of his own admission? Cheers!
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    Is this hobby killing us?

    Bunch of alcoholic liars. You all started because your fiendish alcohol craving minds wouldn't let you sleep at night without a guarantee of your next high. Heathens and zealots, the lot of you. LIES I SAY, LIES!!!
  3. normonster

    Is this hobby killing us?

    By saying you drink only 1-2 pints a day you're indicating that you NEVER get drunk, ever. That has to be BS for most of us. I don't believe it. Getting drunk is the single reason most of us got into this, whether we say it or not. Not one gets in for the art or the opportunity to pair with food.
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    Is this hobby killing us?

    That is one way to make a 5 gallon batch last.....a lifetime.
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    Weber Smokey Mountain Temp Control

    Yes, the SS door from CajunBandit does seal much better. The top rim will begin to seal a little better each time you use it. You might try running it without water. That is how I run mine now. If you're going to use water, give it like an hour or two to get up to temp before you start your...
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    What All Grain Method Do You Use?

    I BIAB and 3V, both, and enjoy both equally. That option was missing!! IMO the best answer to this age old question is that having both methods at your disposal is the way to go. :D
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    What do they make in your town?

    Pliny The Elder and the rest of Russian Rivers beers, Bear Republic's beers, about 90% of the country's best wines...all SonomaCounty!
  8. normonster

    What a (nearly) disasterous brewday

    Brutal. I tried a after-work-batch once. ONCE. Now I'm a Sunday morning guy, for reasons like this. Throw that burner away.
  9. normonster

    Conical Fermenters - which to go with? Stainless only

    Unfortunately I have to agree with this. I own two of the 7.5G brewbuckets and I'm not impressed. The build quality is not great and the SS is very thin. The pads on the legs wear out quick, the gaskets go bad quick, the fitting is weldless and the valve is really small. If I had a do-over...
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    Weed infused honey in mead?

    I want one.
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    Offset warm ferments with over-pitching?

    If you're down to just letting it ride, as a minimum effort I would recommend a wet towel over your carboys with a fan blowing on it. Evaporative (sp? is that a word?) cooling will get you a few degrees. You could even get tricky and wire up a Ranco to turn the fan on and off according to room temp.
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    What got everyone into Homebrewing initially?

    It is just so cheap and easy. You SAVE so much money!!!! :)
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    New kegger here...

    @sondriven - you'll probably end up needing more line. There are online calculators for that stuff too. My chestfreezer/kegerator is a piece of %$#@ and doesn't cool evenly from top to bottom even with a computer fan inside so I had to add A LOT of beverage line to reduce foaming...
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    Passivating my kettles

    I fired mine up out of the boxes and they've been rippin ever since. Passivate schmashivate.