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    How to determine mash/sparge volume?

    What’s the procedure for determining the amount of water I’ll need for an all grain, 5 gallon, mash and sparge? For my last IPA, I just guessed and used 4.6 gallons for the mash and sparked with 4.4 gallons. I forget what the pre-boil volume was... either 6.5 or 7.5 but boiled down to 5.5 on...
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    Critique My Sour Cherry Chocolate Stout

    Sounds like it’s going to be great but a few suggestions: Might want to consider cutting all of your specialty grains except the roasted barley in half as it seems your base malt percentage may be a tad low. I’d also consider cutting the vanilla bean in half and adding it to...
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    Malt Bill for NEIPAs

    Have one in the fermenter right now with the following grain bill. I’ll let you know how it turns out in a week or two. 6lb American 2-Row 6lb Maris Otter 1lb Crystal 40L .75lb Carapils .5lb Flaked barley .5lb Flaked wheat
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    Dry hopping

    I have a NE IPA in the primary at the moment. I plan on dry hopping with LupuLN2 mosaic and whole leaf citra for 3 days. My plan was to rack to secondary after 10 days and leave it in secondary for at least 2 weeks. Since I only plan on dry hopping for 3 days, should it be the first 3 days of...
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    Dry hopping with LupuLN2

    Working with 1 oz of Mosaic LupuLN2 that I was planning on using to dry hop a NE IPA in secondary. Should I throw this stuff in a hop bag before dry hopping or just toss it right into the carboy?
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    Inconsistent fermentation temperatures

    I’m brewing an IPA using WLP002 that’s been fermenting for the last several days. My target temperature is about 62F-65F. I’ve kept it in a swamp cooler but a few times I’ve forgotten to switch out the ice packs and found the temperature sticker on the bucket reading closer to 68. Anything to...
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    Should I add more water to airlock?

    It seems that during the bubbling from fermentation, a good portion of water that was in my airlock was pushed out. Fermentation has slowed a bit... should I pop open the airlock and pour a little more water in? Or just leave it alone?
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    36 hours - no signs of fermentation

    Thanks for all of the responses. Raised the temp to about 70F. Started getting some serious airlock activity around 48 hours after pitching. Dropped it back to 65F and two days later it’s still going strong.
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    36 hours - no signs of fermentation

    Would I be risking infection by popping the lid open to get a reading? Should I wait a little longer?
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    36 hours - no signs of fermentation

    Brewing my first all grain batch in years but getting a little nervous. OG of the IPA was 1.060. After cooling the wort to about 72 degrees, I dumped 2 PurePitch packets of WLP002 into the bucket. It’s been sitting at 66 degrees since. 36 hours later and I have no airlock activity and no smell...
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    Question about braided mash filters

    Building my first mash tun and using a braided water hose for the filter. Will the grains I brew with in an all grain batch be heavy enough to crush the braided hose at the bottom? If so, how can I prevent this?
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    Off flavors after kegging

    Fermentation temp was about 68-70 for exactly 3 weeks. No secondary. How would I go about checking for leaks and how would I fix it? O rings or all new poppets?
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    Off flavors after kegging

    Odor free arm and hammer cleaner and amberdyne sanitizing solution that my homebrew store sells. I've used both forever now.
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    Off flavors after kegging

    I recently brewed a milk stout. I kegged it, set the regulator to 33 (3x maintenance psi) and left it for 24 hours. After 24 hours I released the pressure and set it to maintenance psi and served. It wasn't completely carbonated but it was good enough for me and tasted fine for the first couple...
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    Oxidation problem

    The purge vent thing being close it, give it a blast of co2, then release? I don't have a release valve so I have to push down on the thing that connects to my gas disconnect so pumping co2 while releasing it like I've seen in some instructions isn't an option for me.