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  1. NJTomatoguy

    Anyone Snus?

    I ordered from getsnus.com monday evening. Had my package today, wed. when i got home. They are in PA, and I am in NJ, but still, that's pretty good!
  2. NJTomatoguy

    Anyone Snus?

    Yes , tried the skoal pouches. Also use the camel snus. Bought a ton of snus from buysnus dot com and getsnus dot com. Had a rough time when I lost my job, and didn't want to relapse and get drunk. After the holidays, I will go back to the snus permanantly
  3. NJTomatoguy

    Anyone Snus?

    Bump- I have been sober 5 months today. Got laid off on December 4. Something had to give, and rather than relapse, got skoal. Anyone here still snus?
  4. NJTomatoguy

    So how many of you are im a alcoholics?

    btw, This song helped. Well I ain't had nothing to drink I knew thats probably what you'd think If I dropped by this time of night Remember way back when I promised you I'd drop in At one of those meetings down at the Y Well, they started talkin bout steps you take Mistakes you make The...
  5. NJTomatoguy

    So how many of you are im a alcoholics?

    I am.. I was waiting in line at the liquor store for it to open on July 27. A guy about my age came up to the line, then wandered away and proceeded to puke all over the side of the building. That was the defining moment for me.(I was very hung over) Got in my car, took the long way home, did...
  6. NJTomatoguy

    Have a beer for me.

    I gave it up. This will be my first birthday in 17 yrs I did not get hammered. and I mean hammered. Like lost my car hammered. I quit drinking on July 27. I was at the liquor store, waiting for it to open, and a guy walked up. He was in bad shape. Proceeded to wander away and puke against...
  7. NJTomatoguy

    Anyone Snus?

    I have not gone back to the skoal. I miss it occasionally, especially when working outside, doing the yard, and working the firewood. I am tapering down on the snus, and plan to be completely tobacco free in a few months. I have also stopped drinking. I went sober on July 27, and have not...
  8. NJTomatoguy

    A cool night out....

    Andy has a horse farm that he returns to in the off season, Jonothan lives in Alaska. I have read their book twice. My Dad has it now.
  9. NJTomatoguy

    Sad news for all of us from GreenwoodRover's family

    So sorry for your loss..
  10. NJTomatoguy

    Anyone Snus?

    Off the skoal for good, never looked back. Just placed an order from Getsnus.com on sunday afternoon, got it TODAY!!! That was outstanding. $48 and change, including shipping got me: Description Qty Price Total General Wintergreen White Portion Single 1 $3.20 $3.20 Jakobsson's Ice Fruit...
  11. NJTomatoguy

    Anyone Snus?

    Good Bump! So far, I still have 7 cans of offroad, a few portions of general,1 portion of tobac, the general 3 portion sampler pac 2 tins oof camel mellow left. getting ready to place an order, and want to try cranberry. Definitely will not order the cheap stuff again. Have not gone back...
  12. NJTomatoguy

    Air card and wireless laptop questions.

    I figured they would find a way to "charge the hell out of you", but only went as far as looking at the plans on the site. They want a 2 yr committment on something that may not work for what I need it to do. Fios is not available here, yet. DSL is available here. I will probably just...
  13. NJTomatoguy

    Air card and wireless laptop questions.

    I am looking at getting away from comcast. I live in a heavily populated area, near Philadelphia pa, and am looking to go completely wireless. Does anyone have any experience with the air card type services?
  14. NJTomatoguy

    Any good Real Estate Agent review website?

    Start by asking people you trust who they use. The same name pops up a couple times and they are worth a look. Just remember, a good agent with a large referral base may be busy, so be patient.
  15. NJTomatoguy

    Took the day off...

    Now,:mug: that is Hardcore!!!!