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    Adding homegrown cascade hops

    I ended up using 1.5 times the original hop recipe and using the cascade for the final two hop additions. I just threw the dessicated whole flowers in. Tasted great….thanks all!
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    Adding homegrown cascade hops

    Thanks for the replies. My predicted volume in the fermenter is 17.5 litres. I will toy with the idea of using the cascade hopes for the 20 min addition also. Do you just throw them in? or put them in a nylon bag?
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    Adding homegrown cascade hops

    Hi, I'm planning my fourth batch of eBIAB Amarillo Pale Ale recipe using the great BIABacus excel sheet. My friend grew and then dehydrated 1 pound of cascade hops. They smell great and I would like to add to my upcoming brew planned for next week. T The original recipe I have calls for 3...
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    Brau Supply

    I hope this is not the case....having just ordered one...LOL. The 9 gallon pot is an upgrade to the mini system that is suppose to help brew higher Abv beers. If a single element doesn't bring it to a boil with a higher grain bill it would completely defeat the purpose of the upgrade.