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    Christmas Stout Recipe Help

    Ok great thank you so much for you help Ill be sure to try that out. What did you mean by "I've had limited success mixing real fruit flavor with Brewers Best flavoring.... much better than flavoring along in my opinion."? What is flavoring along?
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    Christmas Stout Recipe Help

    I've looking on the other posts on a lot of chocolate cherry stouts and I'm still confused on exactly how to add cherry flavor to my beer. I'm thinking about 2.5lbs of smashed cherries in the secondary and then racking my beer on top and then adding the cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans...
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    Christmas Stout Recipe Help

    I purchased a recipe from my local home brew store named winter wonderland stout. the recipe is as follows: 8.4lbs LME 1lb. special roast, 1lb. flaked oats, 1/2 lb. roasted barley 1oz. cluster hops Wyeast 1028 I thought it need a little spicing up so I would appreciate some feedback...
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    Designing a Beer

    I'm fairly new to the beer brewing world but just made my first cream ale and it was awesome and am about to make a honey wheat beer which i am very excited about. I'm probably jumping the gun a little bit but i really cant wait to start experimenting with recipes and truly making my own beer...