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    Worse...Brewpub Names...Ever

    i think my biggest pet peeve around here isn't the unclassy names, but the ones that make a brewery sound like a side project. Rough Draft for one. like "oh, this isn't your final effort? you have a 'final draft' brewery you're getting up and running after this one?"
  2. nikkormat

    Worse...Brewpub Names...Ever

    Belching beaver, wet n reckless are probably the worst brewery names in San Diego but Hillcrest Brewing Co has the most obnoxious beer names.
  3. nikkormat

    Homebrew club in San Francisco

    man this thread is old but it's worth posting some info anyway. the sf homebrewer's guild is just getting off the ground. the guy who started it is a pretty nice guy, i think it's worth checking out if you're looking for a more traditional brew club.
  4. nikkormat

    Hop Stoopid - Lagunitas

    hop stoopid is awesome but i cant wait until lagunitas sucks is getting bottled year-round. i heard somewhere they wanna stick it in 32oz stubbies
  5. nikkormat

    Looking for a good true to style extract saison

    I hate that my LHBS doesn't carry wyeast. I've been itching to try 3711 since I first brewed with 565.
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    what hops would you buy in bulk?

    look into sorachi ace. in small quantities, it can be very effective in belgians and in larger quantities it makes a killer APA when paired with amarillo and centennial
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    Looking for a good true to style extract saison

    my old partial mash saison recipe is one of my favorites. only a little bit more time than straight extract but totally worth it. 5 lbs DME 1lbs belgian pale .5lbs oats 1.5 lbs wheat malt aim for 150F and 60m when you're doing your mash. 1oz styrian goldings @60m 1oz styrian...
  8. nikkormat

    Anyone ever pitch at 100 F?

    some yeasts like it hot though. I pitched WLP009 in a brown ale the other day when it was still pretty warm. still in primary, but that strain is supposed to be able to work at hotter temps without producing off flavors
  9. nikkormat

    Anyone ever pitch at 100 F?

    I've done it a bunch. works best when you're brewing a saison. If I pitch hot I always put a cold, damp shirt over my fermentor. the evaporation of the water will draw off some heat and get the temps down.
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    First batch, realized I forgot to oxidize my aluminum kettle

    dont worry about the kettle. find an online brewing calculator and enter your ingredients into it, see what your OG should be, then take your FG, and whatever ABV you get out of that equation is going to end up being +/-1% of that
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    advice on when to pitch brett b for saison

    I was listening to an old Jamil Show on saisons, he basically said mash between 143 and 150 IIRC. reason being saisons are supposed to be super dry and you want as much of the sugar being converted to be fermentable to get it down to below 1.010
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    Rye Saison with Sorachi Ace(Please Critique)

    wow, didn't see this thread until now but I just picked up 9# of belgian pale, 1.5# of wheat and .5# of oats along with 2oz of Sorachi ace, 2lbs of clear candi sugar and a vial of WLP670.... ....also for BIAB
  13. nikkormat

    #1 Beer City in America...

    bay area for the beer bars. there are some places with epic tap and bottle lists. I suppose when people talk bay area they want to include moylans, russian river, lagunitas, etc, too, which is fine by me. making the comparison between SD and SF is tough for me, there's a crap ton of good...
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    Stone Pale Ale

    definitely not a fan of stone pale. if you want a sessionable, hoppy beer, 21a's bitter american is much better. port brewing's palapa pale is pretty damn good too but you'll only find that at the brewpubs I think. and I hate saying it but I'm really not into their IPA or ruination. Just had...
  15. nikkormat

    Creative way of removing crimp on bottle caps

    flip a bike upside down, start pedaling, and stick the bottle in the spokes. cap pops right off. don't do this with a newer road bike though. I used my 1980s dawes which weighs about two thousand pounds compared to anything with an aluminum (I prefer aluminium) frame.