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    Pulse Oxy Strong replaced Sun Oxygen Cleaner??

    Has anyone used Pulse Oxy Strong? I usually buy the Sun Oxygen cleaner from Family Dollar, but they seem to have stopped carrying Sun and now have Pulse instead. I called the company that makes it and they claim that is is only sodium percarbonate with no added dyes or perfumes, but my nose says...
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    New SS wort chiller

    Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but to get rid of the scale you need an acid rinse. I do a quick rinse with white vinegar and a bottle brush and the scale is gone with minimal effort (I have very hard water). Hopefully that helps someone avoid the frustration I experienced. It drove me nuts...
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    BrewHardware Giveaway!

    Count me in!
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    1-Gallon Brewers UNITE!

    One thing I haven't seen mentioned here that might be helpful is the use of a foam control agent (aka Fermcap) in the fermenter. It helps keep the krausen in check and may eliminate the need for a blow off tube.
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    Question about Stabilizing/Clearing Additions

    I brewed a Vinexpert Sauvgnon Blanc/Semillion on 4/19/2012. The wine is in the secondary and is very clear. The kit instructions say to stir the sediment back up before stabilizing and fining. Is this absolutely necessary? Does the wine still need degassing after 6 1/2 weeks? I would like to...
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    Cool Brewing Giveaway!

    Count me in :)
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    Updated Beersmith and it deleted my personal recipes.

    That really sucks. Have you tried looking for your recipes.bsmx file and using the import option? Hopefully it just didn't load properly and needs to be imported manually. If that doesn't work, then try another system restore and then import. I saw the notification about the update but didn't...
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    Belgian Dark Strong Ale The Pious - Westvleteren 12 style quad - multiple

    Looks like mine finished out at 1.024 (my OG was way over). It's pretty tasty coming in at 10.4%. I haven't started the cold conditioning yet. I have a bunch of Palo Santo that I have from my travels to Peru. I was thinking about throwing some into the secondary, but I'm not sure how much or...
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    Brew day worksheet

    I'm not sure how to upload a document, but you could always put it in a dropbox and post the link.
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    todays craigslist score

    Jerk...Ha Ha just kidding. Great score! My last score was some crackhead in Lowes that sold me 2 gift cards totaling $175 for $80. The beer gods were looking out for me that day. I was actually there to buy the copper for my wort chiller :rockin: I use an app called craigsnotification for my...
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    Would YOU use this carboy??

    Thanks for the replies. I thought it would be ok, but wasn't sure. Also, it doesn't appear to be cracking at all. There are a lot of superficial surface scratches on the outside. I think this thing has been well used. I wonder how old it is. It looks like the company started in 1925...
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    Would YOU use this carboy??

    I bought a old 5 gallon seltzer carboy from the flea market for $5. Only problem is there is a lot of scratches/gouges around the neck. The inside seems to be in good shape however. Would YOU store your precious liquids in here???
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    Belgian Dark Strong Ale The Pious - Westvleteren 12 style quad - multiple

    Thanks for the heads up. I've heard some good things about East Coast Yeast!
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    Belgian Dark Strong Ale The Pious - Westvleteren 12 style quad - multiple

    The sample was pretty tasty as is. There was sweetness there but not cloying. Also, I hadn't read the whole thread when I bought my ingredients. My LHBS had the Candi Syrup brand syrup. I bought 2 D-90 and 1 D-45. With 10 min left in the boil, my scale crapped out so I had to just wing it with...