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  1. NickTheGreat

    My Weldless Build Using Strut

    I used my rig to fry my turkey on Thanksgiving. I've had it done for about two months now. Need to get another couple batches brewed before it gets real cold. :ghostly:
  2. NickTheGreat

    My Weldless Build Using Strut

    Sounds like the standard one should be fine. My birthday is in a few weeks. Maybe a good birthday present for myself! :yes:
  3. NickTheGreat

    My Weldless Build Using Strut

    I'm looking to build one of these. I'm eyeing the hellfire burners while I'm at it. I plan to di a two tier with one burner. Mounted under the lower tier Do I need the one with legs or the one that goes with the blichmann stand?
  4. NickTheGreat

    My Weldless Build Using Strut

    I guess I found my answer. Probably not what I want to use!
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    My Weldless Build Using Strut

    So i was at menards this morning and looked at the strut. My store has galv and the 'permagreen' kind. What's anybody's experience with the green? The unistrut site talks about an electro acrylic process. Sounds kinda like what I'd call powder coat. I plan to make a 1.5 or 2 tier small...
  6. NickTheGreat

    Back in the Saddle Again

    Actually no, They are in a side-by-side fridge door. I am a little short on line, like 8 ft or so. But I figured with flow controls it'd be okay. I need to experiment a little more. But my understanding was you should turn them down all the way, and slow go up until you get too much foam...
  7. NickTheGreat

    Can I just keep the beer in the carboy?

    How would you get the beer out? And would you refrigerate it in the carboy? There's a fair amount of crap at the bottom of the carboy after a brew. And if you don't remove the beer you'll be drinking it too. I suppose you could rack to a secondary carboy and drink from that? But again...
  8. NickTheGreat

    How to make pale ale less hoppy?

    My SWMBO doesn't like hoppy beers either. But likes beers that "taste like bread." How about a Mild or something along those lines? My wife also likes EdWort's Pale Ale on this site. American Pale Ale - Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale Ale I'm drinking it right now and it's not hoppy at all, but...
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    Back in the Saddle Again

    So these beers have been in the keg for a couple weeks now and taste good., The Pliny Clone is okay, not super impressed. The Pale is as good as ever. I sprung for the Perlick Flow Controls but am still having foam issues. I have my psi at 12, which is probably at the high side for these...
  10. NickTheGreat

    PSA - Stop lifting your heavy kettle. Clean more efficiently. Save your back!

    I haven't a need for it inside my basemnt shop, but I had thought about some unistrut and a unistrut trolley. And maybe a cheap hoist. You get get curved sections of unistrut and really could make a cool track...
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    Cherry Vinegar?!?

    Yeah I'm sure they haven't turned yet but I don't know if they'd taste good as pie. I might try testing a handful as pie filling just in case. Thanks for the advice.
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    Brewing Shoes

    I always wear my oldest, grungiest tennis shoes. They stay dry for the first few hours, but inevitably they get soaked. I'm a sloppy, sloppy brewer. No way I could ever do it inside! :ghostly:
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    Cherry Vinegar?!?

    Hey all, I wandered over here from the Beer side of the forums. :mug: So my family and I went and picked berries this weekend and picked a gallon of sour pie cherries. This was Saturday, and I made the mistake of rinsing them and laying them out to dry. So I thought. I put them back in...
  14. NickTheGreat

    Moving Wort

    I wouldn't want to use a hand truck like that to get a sloshing carboy down the stairs. So your hot tub area is 3 levels above ground? I'm a basement fermenter, but mine is a walkout, so I have no troubles.
  15. NickTheGreat

    Beer used to be better

    I still like to hit breweries like that. But between lactose IPA's and pastry stouts, I try way less than I used to. Still fun to do, but I agree, it was more fun 10 years ago. (And I really like NEIPA's)