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    American Pale Ale Da Yooper's House Pale Ale

    Life got busy getting married, buying house, etc --- just brewed this recipe as my first batch in a year. Used Chinook and Citra, looking forward to it!
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2016?

    +11 gals hoppy brown = 1,112 gallons
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    Water profile for hoppy brown?

    I'm making a hoppy brown tomorrow and looking for some advice on a water profile. We've got really clean water here, so pretty much any profile is fair game. I use Bru'n Water so if anyone has a recommendation on a pre-defined profile to use, I'm all ears. I considered the 3 brown ale profiles...
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    Critique for IPA recipe?

    I'm brewing an IPA in the morning. I'm pretty confident all will go fine, but figured why not post it for critique just for the heck of it. I just got a bunch of new hops so I always like to brew an IPA with them shortly after. Anyway, this is matched up to Bru'n Water's pale ale profile (with...
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    NHC 2015 - Registration Open

    Got results from St. Louis in the mail today. Not the highest-ranking of judges across any of the scoresheets, but certified nonetheless of course. Feedback was somewhat constructive, though some judges completely contradicted each other. And sigh @ Nashville. I emailed them years ago when...
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    American Pale Ale Russian River Row 2 Hill 56 Clone

    So I said I brewed this and would report back. Even with all the complications from a less-than-ideal brewday, this beer was a huge success and I killed the keg by myself in about 2.5 wks. That being said, I noticed over that period that the beer really transformed, and I enjoyed the different...
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    Where to get Cheap 1/2" Silicone Hose

    Yeah, 2.50/ft is standard rate. A good deal would be obviously anything under that, but of course a sweet deal would be $1.75-2/ft. I've never seen it that cheap though.
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    Brew Bucket by SS Brewing Technologies

    This -- it's essentially making PBW. I dunno if it's a dead ringer, but it gets the job done just as well as PBW and for a fraction of the cost, period. 3lbs Oxiclean Free (or generic grocery store -- it's gotta be the "free" version that doesn't contain chlorine or fragrances) 1.5 lbs...
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    Review: SSBrewTech Chronical 7Gal Fermenter

    To add to that, just in case he's thinking in this manner --- if youre trying to keep outside air from "leaking into" the thermowell, don't even bother. Once a probe is in there, outside air is simply not going to affect the temp reading.
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    Single-Tier Brewstand Prototype

    Damn, that's some dedication. Right after I've racked to carboy from my kettle (through pump + CFC), I fill a kettle with 2 gals of starsan'd water and run it through the pump + CFC for a few secs onto the ground, and then once it's running clear I start recirculating it, for about a minute at...
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    Brew Bucket by SS Brewing Technologies

    It doesn't melt. There's some pics around here somewhere, but essentially it just gets really deformed / out of shape, and is pretty much unfixable, not to mention who knows what gets leeched into the wort at that temp.
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    Single-Tier Brewstand Prototype

    Question -- is there a reason why you put caps on the pump ports? Only reason I ask is because I always leave all my valves wide open after brewing, to allow full drying of all components, including pumps. Just seems like it's an easy way to keep moisture from being trapped in. Now, a place...
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    Review: SSBrewTech Chronical 7Gal Fermenter

    Quick tip, and I dont't think this is really specific to this model --- I think it's for most conical fermenters: Do NOT cold crash or let the beer sit for a month before harvesting yeast out of the dump valve. If you cold crash, the whole thing will become a giant brick of yeast and trub, and...
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    Review: SSBrewTech Chronical 7Gal Fermenter

    Nope, never done that. I don't honestly think it's necessay, but there's certainly nothing stopping you from it. My probe fits relatively snug in the thermowell, so I think it gets pretty damn good coverage.
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    Review: SSBrewTech Chronical 7Gal Fermenter

    I dunno where the heck that's coming from. It's nonsense. If that were true, then they need to send a memo to every last brewery in America, because TONS of breweries harvest their yeast for re-use, and the overwhelming majority use conical fermenters.