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    Porter stalled - many reasons and no solution- advice appreciated

    1 week after the repitch and it is down four points to 1.021 from the 1.025 stall point at two weeks (brew date was 1/17/15). I am going to let it go for another week to bring it into the teens hopefully. I have been tasting it at each sample and I am satisfied but think the new yeast is still...
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    Porter stalled - many reasons and no solution- advice appreciated

    I hadn't thought about this but I don't have a barrel. I want beer too soon and don't have patience this time. Where could I get one for a future endeavor?
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    Porter stalled - many reasons and no solution- advice appreciated

    Thanks for the replies! So just a quick update.. I posted on 2/4/15 and hadn't checked the gravity since 3 days before. I confirmed with a gravity check on 2/5/15 that indeed nothing was happening and it was still sitting at 1.025. I decided to use amylase E(based on this advice)and re...
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    Porter stalled - many reasons and no solution- advice appreciated

    So I brewed a porter after inspiration from Randy Mosher's Radical Brewing great book IMHO. here are the deets: yeast: San Diego Super Yeast WL (forgot the number) it was harvested from a previous batch and from my fridge. Yeast starter (normal size- cant remember, i looked it up the...
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    What yeast to use when US05 doesnt hit FG?

    Porter started at 1.066 racked two weeks later at 1.025. Waited a week and it is still 1.025... Wondering if I should pitch some dry yeast to "finish" it or simply deal with it...
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    Priming Corny Idea/Question

    I have brewed 3 batches since and have NO PLANS TO BOTTLE EVER! maybe not ever but I don't miss it at all. May want a counter pressure filler to bottle a couple "roadies" from time to time.
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    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    this is awesome.. gotta try..
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    Priming Corny Idea/Question

    Thanks, I am going to go ahead and keep my hands off until next weekend. Still wondering if it makes since to prime corny on its side for next time. Probably going to force carb next time but we will see how this batch turns out.
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    Priming Corny Idea/Question

    So after 8 years of brewing on and off and bottling, I have finally put together a modest, picnic tap 1 keg system. It is a 3.5 cu ft mini fridge (with a few "slight" adjustments to fit the keg) which I got next to nothing from home depot with a leftover gift card. What I did: I went ahead...
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    need a wheat AG recipe

    Seven years later and I am finally kegging my first batch! wow time flies
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    Wheat Beer

    heres a cool idea...(you'll have to do the conversion) keep your recipe the same but substitute your 2 row for 1 lb light crystal (tea bag this as usual) ...substitue malted wheat for 2lb raw wheat, grind/chop it up, mix with 1 lb crushed 6 row in 9qts of water. heat on stove(constantly mixing)...
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    Son of Fermantion Chiller

    did you use polysterene(however it's spelled) insulation or styrafoam board? where did you get the parts?
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    Let's Talk Summer Drinking

    just made a wit beer, the belgian yeast works just fine in the texas heat... up to 75 degrees that is... I manage this with ice water bath around the carboy.... tastes great
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    ale vs lager

    i want to make sure I answered your questions.. yes making a lager at 66-70f would taste aweful... no you dont have to "cold filter" or "lager" an ale beer only a lager beer.... get rid of the leftover yeast and trub... unless you wanted to reuse the yeast but thats another can of worms.