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    *Poll* What should I do?

    Using plastic equipment? Any plastic equipment that will be touching your beer post-boil that has ever touched an infected batch should be tossed.
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    Off Flavor Help Needed

    Palmer says that grassy flavors are primarily caused by improperly stored ingredients. Old or improperly stored extract can be the culprit, or it can be your hops, or both.
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    Quick starsan question

    It will be fine.
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    The Most Terrible Beer Ever orrr The Worst Beer Of All Time?

    Sam Adams Triple Bock? Is that the one that is a dead wringer for soy sauce? We used it literally as soy sauce so as not to waste it and we couldn't tell a difference.
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    found a dog.....

    It's a big responsibility to take on a dog, and 99% of people would have just ignored the thing. You did plenty.
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    Help us choose our label..

    1 10 characters
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    Why do all my beers taste / look the same ?

    Are you actually waiting until they finish and then pouring them into a glass? A large volume in a glass carboy will always look darker than the beer appears in a drinking glass.
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    What will they tax next? Homebrew?!

    Doesn't sound so silly to me. Um, they spelled out exactly how the tax increase is going to work. How is that lying?
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    Disturbing smell

    Did he edit his post very quickly or something? He's talking about the Becks, not the apfelwein. At any rate, relax. Give it plenty of time. All sorts of funky smells can come out of there during fermentation.
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    My friend was killed in Afghanistan on Saturday.

    My heart goes out to that family -- I wish things like this never happened.
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    1bbl+ brew day.

    Wow. Impressive work --can't wait to see the end result! :mug:
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    100 Gals anyone?

    Shipping to CA would be roughly $250, FYI.
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    Farkin' Chicago Bears - They Suck!!!

    Cutler is much, much better than Orton, and this would have been a great move for Chicago if they didn't suck so badly and thus really, really needed those draft picks. Then again, maybe the Chicago GM is self-aware and realizes he would probably draft a bunch of stiffs anyway, rendering his...
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    I know about the "look" of Blue-Ray but, what of the "sound"?

    The audio upgrade is worth it. I also recommend getting a 2.0 or 2.1 setup as opposed to 7.1 or 9.1 or whatever crazy stuff they're trying to sell you these days. When you drop two grand on a 9.1 setup, you're getting cheap speakers that will probably sound rather tinny and lifeless. You're...
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    Who has something worth celebrating?

    Well, I've been sick the last few days, but spring is beginning and I just graduated a quarter early from college so I'm spending this quarter working, brewing, and playing video games. Also, I spent last week in Yosemite and blew way too much money, but my birthday is coming up on Monday (and...