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  1. nhindian

    Farmhouse Brewing Supply- Pittsburgh Store is Open!

    Hey, any chance there's movement on this store again?
  2. nhindian

    Pittsburgh/Western PA Group By #9+

    Same here. I haven't been in a group buy but I am ramping up my all-grain brewing.
  3. nhindian

    Best Brewing Science Books

    Anyone happen to have those PDFs that were posted by z987k earlier? Both links are dead now. Thanks!
  4. nhindian

    All my brews have the same stupid flavor...

    Where are you taking the temperature from with you thermometer? Against the fermentor or inside it? If inside, reading higher isn't surprising.
  5. nhindian

    Bucks Electric Brewery

    So... Want to come to the North Hills and build me one next? ;)
  6. nhindian

    Fully Automated Brewery Senior Design

    Hey, any updates?!
  7. nhindian

    Looking to clone Not Your Father's Root Beer (Small Town Brewery)

    Raising this post... this is now bottled so maybe more people have tried it now!
  8. nhindian

    Diagnosing a stalled fermentation

    So! Moment of truth... as a teaser, I also did a gravity reading on my Cream of 3 Crops batch. Went from 1.043 to 1.002 :drunk: Gravity reading on the Oatmeal stout is... 1.020. So yeah, it has been fermenting - surprisingly well to be exact. FG estimate is supposed to be 1.016. I brewed this...
  9. nhindian

    Diagnosing a stalled fermentation

    Agreed! Will do so. Gotta take readings for a beer I made 2 weeks ago anyway. Just surprised about the lack of krausen. Got some yeast rafts but they are sporadic. Guess just psyching myself out - this is the first time I made a starter for 10 gal of wort so I'm paranoid I under pitched. I...
  10. nhindian

    Diagnosing a stalled fermentation

    Thanks guys. I'll try doing that. Dont have a hot side to my ferm chamber but I guess I can try throwing a space heater in a closet and letting it go to town...
  11. nhindian

    Diagnosing a stalled fermentation

    Just edited it in! Around 65, Sunday was a bit cooler but never below 60
  12. nhindian

    Diagnosing a stalled fermentation

    Hi all, I brewed a 10 gallon batch of Yoopers Oatmeal Stout on Sunday and as of yesterday, there really wasn't much activity at all. I understand that it can still be working without visible signs, but there was still very little this morning. Some facts.. 1. Made a 2750ml starter on Wednesday...
  13. nhindian

    A Tribute to Hunahpu

    Man, I'd love to make a 10 gallon batch of this and split it into 2 5 gallon carboys to experiment with the adjunct additions, but I don't think I'd be able to fit everything into my 70 quart mash tun.
  14. nhindian

    All equipment... but no stand yet.

    Thanks for the reply. I'm actually worried more about the later half where I'm involving the pump and chiller.
  15. nhindian

    All equipment... but no stand yet.

    Hi all, I'm planning on brewing 40gal of beer for my wedding in May. Unfortunately, bad weather has set my brewing schedule back. I have a brew day scheduled this Sunday, but the weather has also prevented me from finishing my brew stand... So here's the rub: I upgraded to a 10gal system with...