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    Mine would be considered hot still needs to be cooked and I handle it as a raw product as far as keeping it in temp ranges after its been smoked.
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    I pay $1.89 lb for fresh sides from a local butcher. Usually between 7-9 lbs each. I cure mine for 7 days and then smoke it on Applewood for about 4 hours. These are pictures of the very 1st test batch I made. I sell it for $6lb and have done about 450lbs since I started last year.
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    Portable Camping/Tailgating Keg Setups ??

    I took EdWorts idea and ran with it...this is his picture I made this same setup but I added the Kobalt 20oz O2 bottle and regulator that Lowes had on sale around Christmas. I've also seen a picture where someone shoehorned (2) 3 gallons kegs in a cooler like this so thats my new project...
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    Seeking bikers that brew, 1%'s welcome

    We will be attending these rallies... Hawg Holler Hogrock.Com Home visiting not camping HogRocktoberfest Hope to make plans to see some of you before hand. We trailer to all rallies so we can have all the amenities we enjoy...electricity, grill, and a place to get out of the rain...
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    Seeking bikers that brew, 1%'s welcome

    I'm not a 1%er but I ride and I brew. We start the year off in Tennessee @ Hawg Holler. We attend Hogrock and Hogrocktoberfest every year in Illinois. Usually just ride down to Little Sturgis for the day and then over to Shawneetown. Sounds like a good idea to me...I usually take some...
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    Weizenbock, too much alcohol taste

    To mellow my friend you need time for it. Hmmmmmm.
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    Fireball Mead from AHA Conference

    DUDE!!!! That sounds awesome....Is this the complete recipe?
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    Christmas Dinner. What are you having?

    A big plate of WORK for 12 hours today and tomorrow. Public Service work at its finest. But seriously my wife will bring me a plate of whatever goodies they have at her parents house so I wont lose any weight over the next few days.
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    Lowes Mini CO2 tank and Regulator

    Picked mine up 1st thing this morning...I also think it going to work out fab for my portable keg cooler. I'm so stoked I cant wait to get it all hooked up.
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    Lowes Mini CO2 tank and Regulator

    Just wanted to remind anyone that might be interested in this that its on sale online now and in stores tomorrow.
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    Show us where you live (Literally)

    I live....."IN A VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER"
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    Glass Etching?

    For a wedding gift I took 12 fishbowl to a glass shop and had them sandblasted with initials...turned out great. They said it was the best gift the got so its my standby go to gift.
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    iPhoney: To be or not to be...

    Have you checked with ATT I think if you purchase an Iphone they will let you upgrade and renew within 6 months of your renewal date. That would save you some cash.
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    Show us your Kegerator

    The chaulk board top is really cool...been thinking about adding that to my freezer door
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    IT'S FRIDAY and I'm brew'n tonight

    Kegged my Banana Hammock Hefe this morning and brewed up an IPA in the Primary now.