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    gelatin finings?

    Cold crashing drops solids out of suspension, but the yeast is fine. They keep the yeast vitals in the fridge at the store, right? Ale yeasts grow better at room temperature, so just leave your bottles to condition the same place you did your fermenting. I have done it this way with every batch...
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    gelatin finings?

    Yes. I do that all the time. Gelatin removes proteins that cause cloudiness, but there's still plenty of yeast in there.
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    Sitting here wondering...

    My mental image of "Hooch" is something quick and cheap made for the sole purpose of getting wasted. I could go buy some cheap vodka for that, but I brew to make something either different, or test my skills at making something as close to the original as I can. It wouldn't be a hobby if I...
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    Aging beer: Facts, myths, and discussion

    I brewed a high gravity Saison 2 weeks ago with a starting gravity of 1.084. I wasn't thinking and realized 10 minutes before pitching the yeast that I forgot to make a starter. I aerated, and I had vigorous fermentation by the next morning and finished at 1.008. There's no doubt in my mind that...
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    Does April 15th do something to people?

    Being self employed, I pay the quarterly estimated taxes. Even though it works out the same, it seems much more painful writing that check. It really brings home how much I donate to the cause. April 15 is no more painful that every other quarter. Actually, this year I get the "bonus" of paying...
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    Never dump your beer!!! Patience IS a virtue!!! Time heals all things, even beer!

    Unfortunately, I have a tale of woe also. My first high gravity beer was a Belgian Strong Ale, OG 1.104. It finished high despite adding champagne yeast, probably caramelized and was too dark, and tasted like it got oxidized from all my attempts to get the ferment to finish. I brewed it...
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    My tour of Belgium, how did I do?

    I live about an hour from Ommegang and my son goes to school 20 mnutes from there. Guess what we visit a lot? :mug:
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    My tour of Belgium, how did I do?

    I'll echo the Duvel and Westmalle Dubbel. Also Goudon Carolus. I like a lambic now and then and have looked at recipes, but it takes so long to age one and it's difficult to get it right, so I just buy one when I'm in the mood.
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    da BEARS!

    Rodgers is going to do it this year!
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    Does your spouse/significant other support your brewing?

    My wife bought me my first kit. She's happy to let me do the brewing by myself as long as I clean up the mess, but she's one of my biggest fans. She especially goes for my IPA and the oatmeal stout.
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    Christmas Lights

    Christmas isn't really over until January 6th, if you want to be technical about it, so I turn them off then. It also gives me an excuse to be lazy over the New Year's weekend.
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    Anyone else hate the Dos Equis commercials?

    Whether you like the commercials or not, they are marketing genius, because we all know immediately what you are referring to, and we remember the commercials. Personally, I like a company that can laugh at itself.
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    Rhetorical Disfluencies that I Hate

    "for free" - it's free or it's for nothing, dabgummit!
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    Do you Aerate your Wort ?

    Yep. Revvy pretty much covered it all, but aerating gets the ball rolling faster and may help your attenuation. I've been pleasantly surprised at how well it has worked since I started using a stone and pump. You can still get good beer without it, though.
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    Aging beer: Facts, myths, and discussion

    Kits are fine to get you started. Just make sure the ingredients, especially the yeast isn't too old. If you are getting from a place that has good stock turnover you're probably OK. Once you get the feel for it, it's pretty easy to put together your own "kit". Lots of good recipes here and...