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    any body else get migranes/bad headaches from drinking??

    I am not a doctor and do not pretend to be so take what I say with a grain of salt. You should always consult a doctor first. That being said it sounds like you suffer from cluster headaches. Much similar to migraines but treated differently. Both can be brought on by alcohol or smoking...
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    Lager yeast at Ale temps?

    I have a porter recipe that calls for WLP820 which ferments at 52-58°F but the recipe says to ferment at Ale temps which is what 65-75°F. Does that sound right or is the recipe wrong. The recipe is from a friend and I don't know where he got it and he has never brewed this beer.
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    first batch.....SUCCESS!

    So I made my first beer at the beginning of January and decided that it was finally time to throw one in the fridge and see what I got. I brewed a DIPA and it couldn't have turned out better. Great carbonation and great head and the taste was better than I could have imagined. Just wanted to...
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    Used grain ideas- what to do with it???

    I second the compost pile.
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    So I can calculate the proper amount but 0.5 ounces are used for flavor the last 15 minutes of boil is there a difference in flavor for US or German?
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    New question, same recipe asked for perle hops what the difference between the German and US version my supply store sells? Are they interchangeable?
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    Been here for a couple of years now, moved up from Oceanside California with my wife, she is from Port Orchard. Not a bad town and decent brew houses around. Thanks for the replies, Briess it is then :mug:
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    I have a recipe that calls for Weyermann Pilsner liquid malt extract but my home brew supply store only carries Briess Pilsen Light. Is there a difference or can I interchange them?
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    To Rack or Not To Rack

    I was only going to dry hop for a week in the secondary after fermentation had completed in the primary 2-3 weeks. So if oxidation won't be a problem in that time even with a 1/2 gallon worth of head space I'm going to rack to a secondary, dry hop and bottle. Thanks for everyone's help.
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    To Rack or Not To Rack

    Ya fermentation is no where near complete I was just wondering if I should risk oxidation by racking or just throw the hops in the primary after fermentation is done. 2.5 gallons of beer in my 3 gallon carboy leaves 1/2 gallon of head space will this be to much space and cause oxygen to get in...
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    To Rack or Not To Rack

    This is probably a question that has been asked to death but here I go anyway. I started my first brew Sunday, a 2.5 Gallon full wort boil partial grain/extract DIPA. The recipe says to wait for fermentation to end, let it sit on yeast for one day then rack to secondary for dry hop. My...
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    Thank You

    I brewed my first beer last night. I did a Double IPA partial grain/extract 2.5 Gallon full wort on my stove top. Everything went fine and I checked at 8 a.m. and fermentation was doing great. Just wanted to say thanks to all for answering my noob questions super fast, it really helped make...
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    To rinse or not to rinse?

    Sorry if I wasn't clear in my post. what daksin said is correct. I'm going to steep my grains with no bag then pour them through a sieve into my boiling pot then rinse them with water. Thanks for everyone's help and rinsing it is then CHEERS!
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    To rinse or not to rinse?

    So I'm doing a partial grain/extract double IPA and I'm going to steep my grains in 2.75 quarts of water at 150F for 45 minutes. I'm not going to use a grain bag and just pour the grains through a sieve into my pot. I was thinking of using 1.5 quarts of water at 170F to gently rinse my grains...
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    online shopping question

    Thanks for the link and the quick responses it is most appreciated, CHEERS!