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  1. ncfield

    Need Advise: Belgian-American IPA

    It's a 5 gal batch. Tastes fine going in just that slight bitterness on the finish at the back of the tongue. Anyone have any crazy ideas to cover up the bitterness at time of kegging? :)
  2. ncfield

    Need Advise: Belgian-American IPA

    Looks good! Any thoughts on dry hopping my version?
  3. ncfield

    Need Advise: Belgian-American IPA

    Hi All, Brewed a Belgian-American IPA based off of Randy Mosher's recipe from Radical Brewing. After 10 days in the primary, it tastes pretty good, but I was really hoping for a better mix of a Belgian/IPA, but this beer is really more on the Belgian side. The other issue is I added some...
  4. ncfield

    New to cider making, started, need help.

    You need your SG and FG to calculate your ABV (Use the formula). OG = Original gravity FG = Final Gravity Can you fit a LB of sugar in those gallon carboys? You may not have enough headspace for that. If it's your first cider, nothing wrong with just going with what you have and not adding...
  5. ncfield

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Wild Pecan Porter

    WildGinger: Do you happen to have a extract version of this recipe? Sounds amazing! I just started brewing two months ago and have only made extract w/speciality grains and ciders. Figured I'd ask :)
  6. ncfield

    New to cider making, started, need help.

    When I add sugar, I make a simple syrup like you would for a cocktail. Equal parts sugar and water, boil until sugar is dissolved, let cool and then add. 1 lb of sugar per gallon should boost your gravity by .008. So assuming you were at 1.05 and added say two pounds of sugar, you would be at...
  7. ncfield

    Question about temperature

    When I need to warm up my fermentor, I wrap my down sleeping bag around it. Warms it up just enough. I know some people will also try and keep them in a closet, as the temp stays fairly consistent.
  8. ncfield

    Thoughts on cider fermentation

    Thanks for the input, all. Will try the suggestions. Looking forward to drinking this!
  9. ncfield

    Thoughts on cider fermentation

    ericbw: That's a good point. It was bubbling the same as the others and still is. I'll give it a swirl around... Maybe it just needs more time.
  10. ncfield

    Thoughts on cider fermentation

    Schwyz: yeah maybe I'm just being too anal. I'm sure it will clarify. 😃
  11. ncfield

    Slow to start fermentation

    Did you add a nutrient? Cider has little nutrients so you may need a kick start. I add Fermax and S04 and get fermentation within an hour or two. The S04 also doesn't need to be rehydrated so it's super simple.
  12. ncfield

    Thoughts on cider fermentation

    Hi All, Can I get some opinions on the attached pic? Doing 3 quick 1 gal batches while my 5 gal batch ages. Added S04 and fermentation has been going strong and now starting to slow slightly. What are your thoughts on the clarity? Two jugs have cleared well, but the first is still very...
  13. ncfield

    Cider Recipe and back sweetening help

    I'm attaching a you tube link that I found helpful. This guy met with a worker from Northern Brewer who has own awards for his ciders. Good stuff in there about back sweetening and kegging Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  14. ncfield

    What do i have?

    Iceman6409: I've got 8 gals of cider right now. 5 gals was done with WLP775. I treated it like my beers. Agitated the cider a bit, used Fermax and then pitched the yeast. Tightened the lid and attached the airlock (I always fill mine with cheap vodka). Let it go in the primary for two...
  15. ncfield

    Back Sweeten & Kill Yeast?

    Dougget - good tips, sounds like you have a plan. What are other peoples thoughts on pasteurizing? Do I need to do that if it's already pasteurized? I think it's time to invest in a kegging system. Or don't back sweeten and then I won't have any issues. :) Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew