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    Raspberry Melamel (Bronze Medal winner at 2010 Great Arizona Homebrew Competition)

    As a beekeeper, pure honey WILL dissolve in water. I used 11 pounds of creamed honey yesterday poured into two gallons hot water, slosh that carboy on its side until bottom was clean. No problem. I’m no expert but I’d say no problem trying again to mix that honey from bottom. Pumping oxygen into...
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    Medieval Burnt Mead!

    I would never consider boiling my raw honey. 160 is the top temp and that is just to liquefy it. If you know honey you already know this. Last night I was drinking 45 day old mead. New years day I cut 6 1/2 pounds of hard 2011 honey from a 5 gallon bucket, heat to 135 along with about a quart of...
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    Blueberry Melomel

    New to mead but been keeping bees for years. So I started my first mead January first, new tradition, those dates you posted seem very fast compared to what I been reading. Was it all in the yeast choice? And how long do you expect for it top age to perfection? Started a beer extract January 9...