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    Bottle Sulfur Smell After Tasting Fine

    A potential as well, however would hope this rules out since the bottles I used for my other gallons were soaked/washed/sanitized the same way and they had no problems.
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    Bottle Sulfur Smell After Tasting Fine

    I must been heavy handed on the priming FAJC or got my hydrometer reading wrong when trying to get the SG up 3 points with the priming FAJC. Would have thought that they would be dormant enough in the fridge after a few days. Guess I got to lower the temp a bit.
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    Bottle Sulfur Smell After Tasting Fine

    Bottled up some basic dry cider that had been aging for 3 months. I had about 3 gallons of it aging in different 1 gallon jugs. Tasted great after a couple weeks of carbonating. Cold crashed them in my cider fridge at 37-42 degrees F once they got to desired carbination. I drank about a half of...
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    Cider conferences

    Planning on going to cider days in Mass next year (November) didn’t buy tickets for some of the booked events early enough this year so they were sold out. Excited for next year tho.
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    How many gallons of cider 2019?

    5 safcider 3 SO4 64+8= 72
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    Cider likes it cold...but

    Just started a 3 gallon with SO4 and a 5 gallon with SafCider. Waiting for the cold to hit soon.
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    Experimenting with Different Cider Yeasts....

    Second on two batches of S-04 at 1.002 with nutrients at about 63-64° F
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    Latest batch of Apple cider

    Ahh my bad! Sorry about that. That is a strange mystery!
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    Eden Ice Ciders

    I really enjoyed the heritage dry one. (Think that’s what it was called) Picked it up in a create your own six pack when I was in Vermont. Wish I got a full six pack of it alone instead.
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    Latest batch of Apple cider

    Carbonation tablets from my understanding are just concentrate measured out easy to use priming sugar. So if you chill the cider In the bottle you are stopping the little bit of yeast that’s left from eating that extra sugar you added to create the carbonation. At room temp they will eat it and...
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    Temp Controller for Keezer Question - Plug and Play vs Replacing Original Controller

    Hey everyone! Sorry if this question has come up before and I missed it, feel free to drop a link if you have an old post that will save everyone else some time. Very new to the idea of building a keezer. From researching a bit it looks like there are two options for temp controllers for...
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    One and only apple yeast.

    Yeah has to be for speed, spinning in a centrifuge I would assume is the difference between months and hours. (Based on my limited knowledge and use of a small lab centrifuge for medical research)
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    Residual Sugar %

    Looks like 1 Brix = 1% is a good estimate, from googling a bunch and comparing the standards posted for SG levels to brix. As stated above alcohol would change this a little but it should get you close enough of an estimate right?
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    One and only apple yeast.

    Any chance you get to see that centrifuge in action? Must be one expensive piece of equipment to spin the volume of cider they probably produce. Think it would be cool to see!
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    How many gallons of cider in 2018?

    761+ 5 with SO4 = 766